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POLICE STATE – WE’RE ALMOST THERE…(Sorry Jeff, We’re Already Here!)

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Jeff Knox: There’s no constitutional justification for 150,000 federal cops by JEFF KNOX 9-27-2012 During this heated election season, the politicians and the pundits banter back and forth about the economy, jobs and important social issues, with back-to-back TV commercials making claims and accusations followed immediately by the opposition’s counter-claims and counter-accusations. But... »

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Impending Catastrophe: Spain Has Entered A Full-Scale Collapse And Created A Tremendous Amount of Instability Which Could Trigger An Imminent Lehman-Like Event And A Rerun of The Great Panic of 2008

Friday, September 28th, 2012 September 28th, 2012 SPAIN MUST LEAVE THE EURO …. Less than a year after sweeping to power in a landslide victory, Mr Rajoy is already fatally wounded. He promised never to apply taxpayers’ money to bailing out the banks. He already has. He promised not to follow Greece, Ireland and Portugal into a... »

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