What You Need to Know About the Harris-Biden Ticket That Represents Globalist Interests That Seek the Destruction of Every American

Friday, October 23, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, October 23, 2020

Let’s begin with what has already been universally proven. Donald Trump is the #1 enemy of the New World Order The globalists are making their move. There is onlyone variable that stands between you and the dangerous plans the globalists have in store for you. America dared to elect a populist President and now this rising tide of freedom must be dealt with. President Trump recognizes the danger to everyone when has previously stated “They’re not really after me, they are after you! I am just in the way!”

Why is there such hatred for Donald Trump where he has been declared to be a racist and a sexist as well as a Russian collaborator who is using the Russians to actively interfere in our election for his own benefit. The truth is that there is no Russian interference outside of the normal rhetoric. The real truth is that the globalists want you and every American dead. This article follows my journey to this realization. I am hoping that the readers can empathize with my path to awakening and will subsequently do the same so we can mount a resistance to what is coming (eg mark of the beast.

How It All Began

In the 1990’s, I volunteered to be a Maricopa County “first responder” in the event of a chemical or biological attack. People ask me what motivated me to volunteer? Self-preservation motivated me to become a volunteer as we were promised first access to antidotes to the substances being applied by would-be terrorists. Eventually, FEMA took over the program. In actuality, from my perspective, nothing really materialized except that I attended a few meetings and learned more about disaster planning.

In the interim period of the takeover by FEMA, I became friends with a FEMA official and that friendship continued for nearly 20 years. I knew the family, watched his kids grow up and then he hit me with a bombshell in October of 2012 when I had just completed basketball practice where I was coaching at as he and his wife were waiting for me outside my office door. We talked until 2AM. In effect, he told me his family was bugging out with other like-minded FEMA as well as DHS personnel. Many of his confederates took early retirement. For years, he and his allies prepared a completely, stand-alone community that was capable of surviving anything outside of a direct nuclear strike. I was asked to hold off on printing this revelation until after Christmas of 2012, which would have been after he and his family had bugged out.

On Christmas Day of 2012, I published what I knew. Here are some selected excerpts from my several conversations between October and December of 2012. My friend had indicated that there were several enclaves of various agencies that were bugging out. He chose to go private with a selected few allies because he felt his colleagues would be targeted for what they knew and they would suffer the same fate as Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

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2 Responses to “What You Need to Know About the Harris-Biden Ticket That Represents Globalist Interests That Seek the Destruction of Every American”

  1. You know why Biden, really pick Harris for his running mate. He wanted to be the First President in office to really ____ his Vice President. At least I think he would of been the first. J Edgar, wouldn’t count, he was around along time, and probably did half of the vice Presidents and Presidents, but even though he had his way with them, he was still just the head of the FBI, it’s not like he was in control of the country.

  2. Citizen Kane

    Dave…Trump is just the lesser of the two evils. He does NOT believe in our Constitution or Bill of Rights. Remember that he’s the one who stated he believed in taking the guns first and then go through due process later. What about draining the swamp? We didn’t see that happen. What about the 6.2 trillion dollar stimulus that all his rich buddies got while we each received $1200…if we got anything at all. Dave, you still keep repeating the lie that presidents are elected by the people. No…they’re selected by the elite…sometimes years in advance. It is nothing but an illusion that our vote counts. If voting really mattered, the elite would never allow it. Nothing is left to chance. Please stop feeding the people the BS about voting and do the right thing by advising them to stay away from the voting booth. They should instead be stock-piling food, water, ammunition and gold/silver. If there is indeed an impending invasion on the horizon as you are claiming, why haven’t I read anything from you advising the people to arm themselves? BTW…still no pictures from anyone. Trump is NOT our savior. He’s a distraction as is this fake election. As Joe Biden would say…”Cmon Man!”.


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