Agenda 21

Seattle’s Implementing Agenda 2030 Under the Cover of Covid -19

Sunday, May 17, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges Sunday, May 17, 2020 Seattle’s Implementing Agenda 2030 Under the Cover of Covid -19 »

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation

Monday, April 20, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Peter Koenig Global Research April 18, 2020 For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating foremost children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness... »

There Is a New Paradigm to View the World-Ignore At Your Own Peril

Sunday, September 15, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges Sunday, September 15, 2019 There Is a New Paradigm to View the World-Ignore At Your Own Peril. “WHAT IS COMING IS NO LONGER COMING, IT IS ALREADY HERE.” STEVE QUAYLE This video gets to the heart of how our planet is dramatically changing before our eyes. »

Project SCoPEx: Bill Gates pursuing a plan to carry out planetary GENOCIDE under the guise of halting “climate change”

Friday, September 6, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams Friday, September 06, 2019 SCoPEx is an acronym for “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment,” and it’s the name of a new Bill Gates-funded global genocide experiment designed to eliminate most living humans by collapsing the biosphere. The dangerous SCoPEx plan, which is being masterminded by mad scientists at Harvard, falls right... »

Agenda 2030: The Next “Great Leap Forward” – Behind the Deep State

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
By Paul Martin Tuesday, 13 August 2019 In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the “environmental friendly” plan that is Agenda 2030. On the surface, it looks like an attempt to help preserve the planet, but to make it work, major radical changes are going to be required for it to... »

What Happens When You Oppose Agenda 21? They Steal Your Child! Virginia Farver-CSS

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges Tuesday, June 25, 2019 What happens when you oppose Agenda 21? Just ask Stacy Lynne. For daring to stand up to the Agenda 21 forces in Ft. Collins, CO., she lost her son. No, she wasn’t accused of doing anything wrong. But a New World Order judge, Julie Kunce Fields,... »

Green New Deal Reveals the Naked Truth of Agenda 21

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Tom DeWeese FEBRUARY 26, 2019 Sometimes if you fight hard enough and refuse to back down, no matter the odds, your truth is vindicated and prevails! For twenty years I have been labeled a conspiracy theorist, scaremonger, extremist, dangerous, nut case. I’ve been denied access to stages, major news programs, and awarded... »

Civil War and Genocide Threatens the US and South Africa

Friday, July 6, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges July 6th, 2018 The home of Agenda 21 is the United Nations. They are poised to take total control of our energy grid beginning in California, the world’s 5th largest economy. Agenda 21 has wrecked South Africa and they are doing the same things here. When Agenda 21 comes to... »

Welcome to the People’s Republic of Larimer County Where They Are Still Stealing and Dealing…(My County)

Sunday, January 7, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges January 7th, 2018 Stacy Lynne is the face of the victimized citizens who have to live in Larimer County (Ft. Collins, CO). I dub the most corrupt county in America as the “People’s Republic of Larimer County”. Stacy had her son stolen by a New World Order Judge, Julie Kunce... »

Hillary Will Usher In the Breakup of America Through Agenda 21-

Friday, October 21, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges October 21st, 2016 I recently interviewed Debbie Bacigalupi about the future of America. In short, there is no future for America, in its present form unless we do something about Agenda 21. The establishment was to empty all farm and ranch land of people. Everyone must live with their family... »

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