There Seems to be Growing Concern About Biological Attacks: What Do They Know That We Don’t?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Daisy Luther July 17, 2018 One thing I have learned after being involved in alternative journalism for all these years is that coincidences often lead toward some concrete event. Recently, some coincidences I have noticed have been related to biological attacks. It’s always rather subtle but there are definitely patterns that can... »

UK Police Says Found Source of Deadly Substance Used in Amesbury Incident

Friday, July 13, 2018
By Paul Martin 13.07.2018 The UK police said Friday that it had found a “small bottle,” containing Novichok nerve agent. “On Wednesday, 11 July, a small bottle was recovered during searches of Charlie Rowley’s house in Amesbury,” police said in a statement. “Scientists have now confirmed to us that the substance contained within the bottle is... »

Global chemical giants knew about the health dangers of dioxins DECADES before Vietnam

Thursday, July 12, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff Thursday, July 12, 2018 Among the many horrors of the Vietnam War was the United States military’s spraying of Agent Orange, a highly toxic defoliant, throughout the rainforests of the South Pacific. This egregious military action resulted in countless injuries and deaths – its lingering effects still rearing their ugly... »

Sensitive US Military Files Stolen, Being Sold on Dark Web…” steal files related to one of the United States’ deadliest airborne weapons.”

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
By Paul Martin 11.07.2018 A malicious hacker managed to compromise a computer belonging to a US Air Force officer and steal files related to one of the United States’ deadliest airborne weapons. Sensitive documentation related to the maintenance and operation of US MQ-9 Reaper military drones has recently become available to the highest bidder on a... »

British MP, establishment journalists rush for Putin’s blood after Amesbury chemical death

Monday, July 9, 2018
By Paul Martin 9 Jul, 2018 The death of Dawn Sturgess from what police say was exposure to Novichok has sparked a new fit of Russia-blaming, as an MP, high-profile commentators and mainstream journalists pointed the finger at Moscow. As British police launched a murder investigation into the poisoning and death of Dawn Sturgess, 44, in... »

Kremlin: Amesbury Incident Threat to Europe, Alleged Links to Russia Are Absurd

Monday, July 9, 2018
By Paul Martin 09.07.2018 On Sunday, the UK Metropolitan Police said that a woman, identified as Dawn Sturgess, had died in a local hospital after being exposed to a toxic substance in Amesbury. Police have launched a murder inquiry. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the death of one of the Amesbury victims, saying that the... »

Mutant TB strains ‘will kill thousands in North Korea – and may spread outside its borders

Thursday, June 28, 2018
By Paul Martin

HEALTH experts fear there will be an “explosion” in drug-resistant “mutant tuberculosis” in North Korea when funding aimed at checking the spread of the deadly disease is cut this week – unleashing a possible public health “catastrophe” which could spread beyond its borders. By CIARAN MCGRATH Thu, Jun 28, 2018 And one leading... »

DEPOPULATION blueprint: Scientists engineer human-infecting form of deadly new bird flu, claiming they need to “know how it works”

Thursday, June 21, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson Thursday, June 21, 2018 When you have someone as influential as Bill Gates openly declaring that one of the best ways to save the planet from climate change is to reduce the human population, then you start to look around with distrust, wondering how that goal will be accomplished.... »

OUTBREAK ALERT: ‘Disease X’ Bird Flu Strain Kills Over 600 In China Outbreak

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo June 19th, 2018 A new strain of bird flu, H7N9, has sparked fears of a major outbreak among scientists. Dubbed “Disease X.” the new strain has already infected more than 1600 people and killed over 600 of those in China. Experts believe at this time that this virus could become more... »


Sunday, June 17, 2018
By Paul Martin

‘Disease X’ poses threat to mankind Alex Jones JUNE 16, 2018 A new strain of bird flu known as “Disease X” has already killed hundreds in China, and scientists warn the pathogen could spread and kill off billions of humans. »

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