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  1. Rick

    Give me your mailing address so I send you money please

    Rick from George

  2. Don Brandon


    I do Uber and Lyft driving in Las Vegas. %G towers installed on the strip[ to radiate masses of people. i think there is a larger evil agenda behind %G. Yes the radiation is a killer, but i think their focus is mind control and to activate an “involuntary Purge” event. Like the movie Purge, but this would cause people to go into frenzy. Maybe has to do with a mysterious countdown clock of 500 days….

  3. laura ann

    want to subscribe to your site, but tried it won’t process, please help, some articles will not pull down either. Trouble with Dave’s site awhile back when articles wouldn’t pull down so I subsc. to his.

  4. Paul,
    From Skydiver to skydiver can you email me ASAP please, thanks
    God Bless

  5. rick

    Give me your mailing address so I send you money please

    sent you mail and it was return ?

  6. Frank Greenwood

    Why do you publish “The Common Sense Show? Very stupid!

  7. How so Frank? I’ve known Dave For years. I’m 63 and he’s about the smartest guy I’ve ever known…And I’ve known ALOT of people!


  8. Paul Martin – I just read the interesting article on your site regarding “nationalism vs. globalism – who will win?” and I agree it is a spiritual battle.

    I’ve written quite a few articles that pertain to prophetic matters, as you can see from my website here. Many are published in various places / magazines, etc. I thought this article fit in very well with yours that I mentioned:


  9. R W

    R W , Dec 6 – 2018

    — Someone should tell Dave Hodge that the Cloud Flare Internet Security Service that is available for Web Site Owners is a Sham and is Controlled by the Deep State Corpporate Entities.
    Cloud Flare is more interested in trying to Block Public Access to Parts of a Web Site that Cloud Flare thinks will be less noticed by the Web Site Owner.
    One Favourite Tactic of Cloud Flare is to Block Public Access to a Web Site’s E-mail Link on the Pretense that a Malware Attack is being Attempted ( by the person who is trying to send a E-mail to the Web Site Owner ) and a Cloud Flare Message to that effect is displayed on the Web Page and Cloud Flare also says — because of the Suspectecd Malware Attack that the E-mail Link is being Hidden from the User.
    High Profile Web Sites that are Anti Deep State are a Top Priority by Cloud Flare in terms of Cloud Flare trying to Block Access to the Web Site Owner’s E-mail Link.
    I tried sending a E-mail Message to the — The Common Sense Show — a week ago and Cloud Flare blocked my connection and used The Malware Attack Message as the reason as to why Cloud Flare was hidig the E-mail Link from me.
    Being blocked by Cloud Flare has also happened to me on other Web Sites when I tried sending a E-mail .
    For High Profile Anti Deep State Internet Sites — I woud not be surprised if Cloud Flare Trys to Cover their Deep State Sabotage of the Web Site Owner’s E-mail Link by Arranging to Pay Someone some Money if that Person would Send Some E-mails –Trivial E-mails — Regularly, to the High Profile Anti Deep State Web Site so that the Web Site Owner would be less likely to Suspect that their E-mail Link was being Deliberately Tampered with by Cloud Flare.

    — As a further example of Cloud Flare’s Sabotage Tactics — I am going to post an excerpt of an article from November 18 – 2018 that was posted on the WWW The Millenium Report Com site.
    The Millennium article describes Cloud Flare’s role in attempting to influence the outcome of the recent Mid Term Federal Elections in the USA.


    from — AIM 4 TRUTH ORG — American Intelligence Media
    NOV 18, 2018 ,



    Mueller placed his patsy Joseph E. Sullivan at CLOUD FLARE TO FIX THE 2018 MIDTERM ELECTIONS

    Sullivan is a shill for the Senior Executive Service (SES) Shadow Government controlled by Mueller.

    Sullivan promotes “public-private” corporate fascism in Silicon Valley

    Sullivan tried to cover up the loss of 57 million Uber customer and driver personal data records, was fired, then rehired by Cloudflare that controls FL, OH election encryption keys.

    — YOU can read the complete article listed in the archives
    of — WWW The Millennium Report COM
    or — WWW Aim 4 Truth ORG


    — The Millenium Report Com internet site is a newer Site that came On Line about 3 or 4 years ago and was started up by some friends and allies of Russia’s President Putin.
    — Also their are lots of articles in the Millenium Archives for the past 3 weeks or so about the Directed Energy Weapons — especially High Powered Military Lasers that Burnt to the Ground over Fifteen Thousand Houses and Buildings and Several Hundred or Possibly Several Thoundand People were Killed or Unaccounted For.

    The Pictures of the Burnt Houses Show the Surrounding Forrests Are Still Nice and Green.

    The Millenium Report began writing about the MILITARY LASERS Last Summer — 2018 — when the so called FORREST FIRE SEASON IN CALIFORNIA BEGAN.

    — R W

  10. R.M.

    today Videoed 3 squads in full camo with a black US gov van in cherry creek state park in denver. one wearing a cap didnot look US issue. walking out of a clearing. in the 11 years driving through everyday I have never seen full camo with packs in the park ever. on top of that Last night I dreamt Russians attacked on Dec 15th. this Saturday. put in your back pocket heads up.

  11. Citizen Kane

    Just want to bring to your attention that the MYPATRIOTSUPPLY.COM banner on the site is advertising 4-week supply for $99 is wrong. I ordered 2 units for $198 and received two 2-week supply cases. I contacted the company and they told me the banner was an error. Still waiting for a customer service rep. to contact me to make this right.

  12. Hi, Kane,

    Just E-Mailed the rep…I’m pissed!

  13. Citizen Kane

    Hi Paul… They told me the error was on your part, which I doubt, but I also noticed the same advertisement on as well. I contacted Brian Young, the owner and he changed it. I politely asked MPS if this was a classic case of “Bait and Switch” and they didn’t seem to appreciate my question. I’m told they’re working on making this right for me, but I haven’t been contacted even after giving them my contact information. Take care.

  14. I contacted the rep yesterday…didnt tell me the ad had switched! Got my webmaster on it….



  15. Citizen Kane

    UPDATE: You certainly had a valid gripe, and we got to the bottom of it yesterday. As I mentioned previously, the website that you ordered from displayed incorrect information. Believe me, we heard about it. I don’t know if we will be continuing our relationship with them at this point, and rightfully so.

    In the meantime, you have purchased Two of our two week supplies. And you did this thinking you were going to be purchasing the four-week supply. The four-week supply is much different, a lot more servings, and a little more money. I’ll send you a link to show you what it is in just a moment.

    In the meantime, what I can do for you is to have your current order picked up and brought back to our company, at which point we will give you a full refund.

    If that is something you would like to do, let me know and I will arrange for FedEx come pick up the package. All you need to do is put it everything back in the box. They will even come out with their own shipping label. Once the package has returned to us we can issue the refund.

    With that said, I’m going to send you the link to the four-week supply so that you will know what it is like. It’s a bigger supply, a lot more food, and a decent price. It would be even more decent if you purchased it at the current promotional price which is $147. But you can decide all that after everything else settles. The link that I’m going to provide you is to our website which shows the four-week supply at its regular price $197. Please keep in mind that we offer this package through many of our sponsors at $147.

    So respond here and let me know if you would like us to pick up your order that you received from us and I will arrange for that. I’ll watch for your response.

    Shianne K – Customer Service

    My Patriot Supply
    1920 S 5200 W
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104

  16. Citizen Kane

    Hey Paul.._Again when you click on the banner, you are taken to a product that costs $99. MPS says it’s not their problem. Just letting you know .

  17. hello….can someone please tell me what is the name of that beautiful electric guitar song that plays on the first half-hour bumper music of fetch’s saturday show? i have tried and tried to nail that song’s name but cannot. if you know, please email me at much thanks!

  18. Greg

    Paul, I live in Colorado Springs and I am in the final days of a nasty head cold that started about a week ago. I haven’t been sick in I don’t know how long and when I do get sick it is usually nothing more than a head cold. I think it was the heavy chem trailing ahead of the eastbound monster storms/polar vortex last week.

  19. Your Probably Right!!!


  20. Greg

    Paul, boost your immune system as much as possible with supplements, eat as healthy as possible (try to cut out dairy temporarily), and try to slow down to give your body a chance to catch up, or you could be battling for a long time. You and I are very close in age (May 1955) so I relate to you. I am using Helix Life (promoted by Celeste from Steve Quayle’s website – an attempt to treat tinnitus and any other immune system disruptions I am subjected to. (-:

  21. Thanks, Greg!!
    July 1955

  22. Greg

    I had no idea!! (your link to: Saudi Arabia and the Upcoming Secret Nuclear War) Excellent article that rocked my world. Paul, you are my #1 link to what is really happening in this world. Thanks and hope you feel better soon.

  23. Welcome My Brother!


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