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  1. Hi! I just went to the front page and clicked the add to close, and it did revealing the older entries button.


  2. Hey Paul
    Trying to keep up my brother


  3. Dr. Joseph Marnell

    Dear Paul Martin,

    I want to thank you for the sacrifice that yoiu have given for to you the many thanks that I have for the detail of information that you share with those who desire to be awakened.

    Let me begin, with sharing my background with you briefly. I am a former aviation technician, Burger King Franchisee of (7) units, a pilot with 2400 hours, Adjunct Professor with a Ph.D. in Information systems and IT administrator. I’m also a board member for Volunteers Active in Disaster (VOAD) and assistant for the Red Cross. I hope that what I share with you might encourage someone.
    January 5th of 1988, I had an experience where I was told I would be leaving my business and it occurred exactly one year later to the minute. Then five days later on January 5th, I woke up to my fireplace exploding and being told I was going through a fire. Then a few days later on January 16, 1988, I had a dream where I was flying my plane and I hit a wall on the 3rd floor. .God said Wall Street and the war in three years. In the dream on that day three years later, the Gulf War started. The dream showed the plane climb to its highest point like the stock market, stalled, fell over back-wards symbolizing judgment. I was told to look up Isaiah 21:16.
    In 1991, my manager had a dream where he saw me standing in front of people like a teacher which is what I do currently. Then in the dream, there was an enormous explosion, all people fled to find out what had happened. In the dream, they returned weeks later to find out what to do. I picked up a pair of binoculars and I looked through a wall and saw a plane going down in flames a short distance away.
    In 1995, I was in church praying for a man and saw the Hoover Dam blow up.
    In conclusion, I believe that we are heading into a crash that is going to be triggered beforehand with a false flag of the Hoover Dam followed by a financial crash.

    Joe Marnell, Ph.D.
    Administrator of Facility and Information Systems
    Adjunct Professor MISM
    Wayland Baptist University Lubbock
    |O|806.785.9285 |C|806.544.6336 |F|806.742.9556

  4. Thank You Dr. Marnell!!

    I’ll Be In Contact!

    God Bless,


  5. j

    Good morning. Like your site.

    Want to know info re all the Christians and more who are being murdered by FEMA and the Red Cross in Texas, Florida, the Keys, and Puerto Rico and the islands.

    We need insider-type info….like right now.

    Also, I don’t believe they are ALL getting shot and drowned. In addition to the slaughter barges:
    Some, I believe, are getting dunked in the Hilter acid dunk tanks, as I call them (the roving ‘rescue’ trucks that are labeled fire rescue or rescue, etc. The body of these trucks have a similar look, in that, that most of the body of these trucks are very close to the ground. I call these things acid bins. They can drive them anywhere and into any large facility. They make people walk up the stairs while telling them they have 1 1/2 minutes to take a shower. They never come out.

    Also, let’s not forget the guillotines that can be driven anywhere also and even placed inside buildings.

    I want to know this stuff. It’s going on. You need inside info.

  6. j

    Oh, in my haste, I forgot to say thank you. Thank you.

  7. j

    Has Florida been totally taken over? Anyone know for certain? The whole state?

  8. j

    Gregory Marsh:

    The only problem with the “Christian Religion” is that it no longer exists. Christians are Catholics. Catholics only.

    The Catholic (Christian religion) has been infiltrated and taken over fully by the jews. It goes back to Vatican II and also to B’Nai Brith’s hit on Pope Pius XII. He was murdered by them. There hasn’t been a pope since. They are all imposters. You can dress them up but that doesn’t make them a pope, cardinal, bishop, or priest.

    So, Mr. Marsh, it appears that the only problem we have here concerning the Christian Church is that it is jewish. So by default, it is the jews (witches,satanists,freemasons) doing all these occult and pedophilia activities coming from the the tent known as the Vatican run by the jews.

    Nuff said? Thought so.

  9. Bill


    I follow Revolution Radio daily. I note with concern that minimal attention is given to the current JFK release. My take on selective reporting such as on this substantive and smoking gun evidence is to question the genuineness of intent here. Revolution Radio provides multi warnings regarding deep state agendas but here they minimize efforts to expose the evil ones. This qualifies IMO as simple fear mongering.


  10. Sun 5 Nov 13:05:40 GMT 2017
    FAO + PRIVATE: Paul Martin

    Mr Martin,

    Regarding the recent mysterious text you received + subsequent discussion with DH, I think the proper source has been found. Please see 2x following links:

    1st link provides context of the original 4-chan posts. Entire post may be incorrect / disinformation, but at least it helps explain what you received.



  11. Stonehambob

    Look up systems plus inc and Air Force summer facility program

  12. Mongo

    Hey Paul this net neutrality thing is kicking back up again. I found this link that might be helpful. This is very important. Please spread the word.


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