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Reporter: Many experts now believe Fukushima’s melted fuel burned through the concrete floors and has gone down into the groundwater — “No one yet knows how deeply those 3 cores melted into the ground… No one knows where the cores are” (AUDIO)

Friday, May 13, 2016
By Paul Martin

ENENews.com May 12th, 2016 Coast to Coast AM – ‘Fukushima & Nuclear Issues‘, Mar 31, 2016 (emphasis added): At 42:00 in — Linda Moulton Howe, Regional Emmy Award-winning reporter: “Five years later now in March 2015, no one yet knows how deeply those three cores melted into the Fukushima ground.” At 44:30 — Howe:... »

Cover-up of massive explosion at Fukushima Reactor 3 fueled with plutonium? US government’s “worst case” scenario likely a reality… Entire nuclear core ejected into environment — Experts: It seems blast wasn’t from hydrogen — “Ejection of fuel parts… Exploding vortices suggest a steam explosion” (PHOTO)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
By Paul Martin

ENENews.com May 11th, 2016 Annals of Nuclear Energy (Leskovar et al.), Apr 2016: Analysis of oxidation influence on steam explosion energetics — The importance of severe accident research has been again seen after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear reactor accident in Japan. As the accident analysis showed, it seems that in the Daichi Unit... »

All Of A Sudden, Fish Are Dying By The MILLIONS All Over The Planet

Monday, May 9, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Michael Snyder TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com May 8th, 2016 Why are millions upon millions of dead sea creatures suddenly washing up on beaches all over the world? It is certainly not unusual for fish and other inhabitants of our oceans to die. This happens all the time. But over the past month we have seen a... »

World on the Edge: Is something catastrophic about to happen?

Sunday, May 8, 2016
By Paul Martin

TheExtinctionProtocol.wordpress.com May 7, 2016 May 2016 – SIGN OF THE TIMES – You don’t need a web-bot predictive analysis or a psychic reading to tell you that there’s an ominous chill in the air that something bad is about to happen – something large and just catastrophic enough in scope and magnitude to change... »

SHOCK WARNING: Christianity could be WIPED OUT in parts of the HOLY LAND within months

Saturday, May 7, 2016
By Paul Martin

CHRISTIANITY could be at wiped out in Syria and other parts of the Middle East within months as Islamic State continues its religious genocide, an expert has warned. By VICKIIE OLIPHANT Express.co.uk Sat, May 7, 2016 Scores of churches have been destroyed by the extreme Islamic murderers while millions of Christians have been forced... »

Experts: Fukushima ‘ice wall’ could destroy reactor units, turn site into swamp — Risk of fractures, ground movement, building subsidence — Must be frozen for 200 years — Officials: High cliffs just behind plant may become unstable — Gov’t: “Observable heaving” and deformations possible (VIDEO)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
By Paul Martin

ENENews.com May 2nd, 2016 AP, Apr 29, 2016 (emphasis added): Fukushima No. 1 plant’s ice wall won’t be watertight, says chief architect… Even if the frozen barrier… works as envisioned, it will not completely block all water… because of gaps in the wall… said Yuichi Okamura, a chief architect… Tepco resorted to after... »

IS THE EUROPEAN UNION PREPARING TO CREATE THEIR OWN STANDING ARMY TO POLICE MEMBER STATES?…”The world is preparing itself to be under the rule of a single man when he arrives. Antichrist.”

Saturday, April 30, 2016
By Paul Martin

Colonel Richard Kemp claimed Brussels’ “ultimate plan” was to bring the national armies of the bloc’s 28 member states under one umbrella. The highly-criticised prospect of an EU army was re-energised in March 2015 when European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for an international force. by Geoffrey Grider NowTheEndBegins.com April 30, 2016 THE TRAINING,... »

Secret FEMA Meeting Discovered Some Very Bad News For Mankind (Video)

Friday, April 29, 2016
By Paul Martin

BY VOICE OF REASON THELASTGREATSTAND.COM FRIDAY, APRIL 29TH, 2016 If you follow world news, you more than likely have seen that in the last few weeks there has been an alarming number of massive earthquakes all over the globe. Just to name a few, one recently occurred in Hawaii, there were up to 20... »

TV: North America will not be safe from Fukushima radiation if plant keeps leaking — Animals “suddenly died” on west coast right after 2011 disaster… Whole world noticed this strange phenomenon — “Fatally high” levels of radioactive material has entered ocean… serious pollution is ongoing (VIDEO)

Thursday, April 28, 2016
By Paul Martin

ENENews.com April 28th, 2016 Arirang (Government-funded Korean TV network), ‘Fukushima and Its Aftermath’, Mar 16, 2016: 28:00 in — Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada. Right after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011, seals suddenly died on the shores of Vancouver, and Cesium levels five times the usual amount... »

X22 Report: We Are 3-4 Months Away From a Gigantic Event That Will Spark War

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
By Paul Martin

Obamacare is failing as rates increase and insurance companies bail. The 28 Saudi pages are a PSYOP. Obama rejects North Korea’s offer, pushes on with war. NATO General warns, next time we might fire on the Russian jets. US places F22s in Romania. NATO and US ships will be in position outside of Libya... »

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