A Bloodbath Looms Over Oil Markets

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Nick Cunningham via OilPrice.com, ZeroHedge.com Feb 15, 2017 Oil prices have traded reliably in the $50s per barrel since OPEC agreed to cut production last November, but having failed to break through a ceiling in the upper-$50s, crude prices are in danger of falling back again. The oil market had wind in its... »

“Stealth Recession” – The Mystery Of The Teleporting Commuter

Monday, February 13, 2017
By Paul Martin

Via ConvergEx’s Nicholas Colas, ZeroHedge.com Feb 13, 2017 The game is afoot: call it the “Mystery of the Teleporting Commuter”. Starting in October 2016, the amount of gasoline supplied to the US market started to decline on a year over year basis. This negative trend accelerated in January, leaving both energy analysts and macroeconomic... »

The Blood Bath Continues In The U.S. Major Oil Industry

Thursday, February 9, 2017
By Paul Martin

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report GoldSeek.com Thursday, 9 February 2017 The carnage continues in the U.S. major oil industry as they sink further and further in the RED. The top three U.S. oil companies, whose profits were once the envy of the energy sector, are now forced to borrow money to pay dividends... »

Goldman Stunned By Collapse In Gasoline Demand: “This Would Require A US Recession”…”the US consumer is very ill”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com Feb 7, 2017 While energy traders remain focused on weekly changes in crude supply and demand, manifesting in shifts in inventory of which today’s API data, which showed the second biggest inventory build in history, was a breathtaking example of how OPEC’s “production cut” is clearly not working, a much... »

Oil Prices Fall On Glut Fears Despite Tighter Market

Monday, February 6, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Matt Smith OilPrice.com Feb 06, 2017 Rather than rallying like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, oil today is instead dropping faster than Lady Gaga’s mic, ushered lower by a stronger dollar and ongoing expectations of an amply-supplied market. Hark, here are five things to consider in oil markets today: 1) While... »

US Unleashes New Sanctions On Iran; Russia Says “Counter-Productive”

Friday, February 3, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com Feb 3, 2017 The U.S. imposed fresh sanctions on Iran as President Donald Trump seeks to punish Tehran for its ballistic missile program after warning the Islamic Republic that it is “playing with fire.” As Bloomberg reports, the Treasury Department published a list of 13 individuals and 12 entities facing... »

Oil prices jump as Trump administration puts Iran ‘on notice’

Thursday, February 2, 2017
By Paul Martin

RT.com 2 Feb, 2017 Global crude prices rose on Thursday after US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn said Washington is putting Tehran “on notice” in response to an Iranian missile test. The senior administration official refused to rule out any options for a US response, including military intervention. With the lifting of international sanctions... »

Robots Over Roughnecks: Next Drilling Boom Might Not Add Many Jobs

Friday, January 27, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Tsvetana Parasova via OilPrice.com, ZeroHedge.com Jan 27, 2017 The inevitable advance of technology and automation has upended industries such as car manufacturing and food processing. Now robotics is making its way into the oil fields by helping drilling activities and putting together heavy pipes. For companies, more automation would mean higher efficiency, safer... »

Is Trump Setting The Oil Markets Up For Another Bust?

Thursday, January 26, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Nick Cuningham via OilPrice.com, ZeroHedge.com Jan 26, 2017 President Donald Trump signed several executive orders this week intended to juice the American energy sector, calling for expedited environmental reviews and the advancement of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. He also is trying to erase any sign of climate change by scrubbing... »

Goldman Warns Of Oil Price Shock As Border Tax Could Lead To Surge In US Oil Production

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com Jan 24, 2017 The price gain from a shift to destination-based border adjusted corporate tax would prompt US drillers to “sharply increase activity” as a result of lower US corporate tax rates, which would aggressively incentivize shale drilling, resulting in a global oil price shock, sending domestic prices spiking, as... »

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