WTI Crude Tops $50, Energy Stocks Soar To Biggest Week Since 2008 (But Credit Ain’t Buying It)

Friday, October 9, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com 10/09/2015 WTI Crude is back above $50 to its highest in almost 3 months following a 10%-plus gain on the week (the 2nd best since Jan 2009). This surge has sparked the biggest surge in European and US Oil & Gas stocks since 2008 as Bloomberg notes, output from the... »

Saudi Arabia Declares Spending Moratorium As Oil Rout Bankrupts Kingdom

Thursday, October 8, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com 10/08/2015 Last month, when King Salman arrived in Washington to a fleet of Mercedes S-Classes, we asked if, considering the current circumstances, cutting back on spending might be in order. Indeed, in the wake of Saudi Arabia’s move to tap debt markets, rumors have been circulating for months that the... »

Total Collapse In Interest For Oil Assets: Brazil Oil Auction Is Near Complete Failure

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com 0/07/2015 Brazil, which is caught in a vicious recessionary spiral which is only set to get much worse before it gets better, tried to obtain some much needed cash when earlier today it conducted an auction to sell exploration rights for of its oil and gas. It was, in short,... »

Russia Will Defend Its Right to Arctic Oil, Gas With Missiles

Saturday, October 3, 2015
By Paul Martin

SputnikNews.com 02.10.2015 Russia is building new military facilities on Arctic Ocean islands where it plans to deploy air defense units in a bid to strengthen its foothold in the Arctic and gain access to the region’s vast energy resources, a German newspaper wrote on Friday. All necessary infrastructure for stationing air defense troops is... »

Dying Petrodollar Ripples Through Markets As Asset Managers Bemoan Loss Of Saudi Bid

Monday, September 28, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com 09/28/2015 One of the key things to understand about China’s liquidation of hundreds of billions in US paper is that far from being a country-specific phenomenon, it actually marks the continuation of something that’s been taking place in other emerging markets for some time. As we outlined in “Why It... »

The Shale Party’s Over: “Closed” Bond Market Means “Restructuring Is Inevitable”

Thursday, September 24, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com 09/24/2015 With the market’s perceived risk of default across the energy space at record highs, it should be no surprise that willingness to lend (even for the greater-fool reach-for-yielders) is collapsing. As Bloomberg reports, oil services companies are finding alternative ways to raise cash and repay debt after falling crude... »

“There’s Just No Cash”: Oil Bust in Canada Hits Creditors

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
By Paul Martin

What happens when an entire industry, even at higher oil prices, can’t service its debt? by David Yager WolfStreet.com September 14, 2015 “There’s just no cash.” That’s the Coles Notes from a senior banker describing the book of oil service loans he manages for one of Alberta’s leading lenders. There’s simply not enough cash... »

Are oil and water shortages manufactured in order to control the economy and human populations? A closer look at abiotic petroleum and primary water

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
By Paul Martin

by: Jonathan Benson NaturalNews.com Tuesday, September 15, 2015 What if everything you thought you knew about the nature of energy and natural resources was an elaborate lie concocted to manipulate and control the economy and human behavior? When it comes to the availability of oil and water, evidence suggests that both of these invaluable... »

The Petroyuan Cometh: Launch Of Renminbi-Denominated Oil Futures Contract Imminent

Saturday, September 12, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com 09/11/2015 “One-by-one, the oil-majors will start to participate, then others will follow. While it might take some time to establish itself due to choppy markets and regulatory hurdles as well as the fact that it would introduce a foreign exchange element to crude futures, it is overdue for a Chinese... »

$20 Oil? Goldman Says It’s Possible

Friday, September 11, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden ZeroHedge.com 09/11/2015 “While we are increasingly convinced that the market needs to see lower oil prices for longer to achieve a production cut, the source of this production decline and its forcing mechanism is growing more uncertain, raising the possibility that we may ultimately clear at a sharply lower price with... »

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