Global Monetary System, As You Know It, Ended – Bo Polny

Sunday, May 17, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
May 17, 2020

Cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny predicted in late March “something epic is going to happen on April 21st.” Something did happen that had never happened before. Oil went to $0 per barrel, and the contract for oil expired at around -$37 per barrel. Polny says, “That is a more important event than the stock market. There is one specific reason because oil is attached to the dollar. It’s a petro dollar. So, that event triggered the end of the United States monetary system as you know it. The stock market would have to go to zero to be as important as the event of oil going to zero. Oil was the marker that is attached to the dollar, the paper monetary system. That is far more critical because that event told the world that the paper monetary system as you know it ended on that date.”

Polny also predicted that after April, there would be a “new era of time that would be Biblical.” That, too, has happened in our shutdown Covid 19 world. Nothing looks like it will ever be quite the same. Now, Polny predicts that what is coming is a “Great Awakening.” Polny explains, “Between May 31st and September 18th, that is expected to be a major world transition point where God’s Hand is seen upon the earth. . . .We might want to call that time point the ‘Great Awakening.’ Somewhere in this time point, people are going to realize the lies, deceptions and what has been going on in this Earth, and there is going to be a mass awakening.”

Polny says gold and silver are going to be volatile but will continue to steadily move upward in price over the next few years. Polny also says, “I believe we are going to see the fall of the U.S. dollar, and I think we will see hyperinflation on this Earth. We will see the U.S. currency begin to hyper-inflate. I also think before this period ends on September 18th, we should start to see a gold backed monetary system to repair the damage that has happened. . . . God’s timing is going to cause gold and silver to explode. I think that is going to tie into a gold and silver backed monetary system. I think we are going to see the start of that before the 18th of September.”

Polny thinks the stock market will have another leg down to “around 15,000 on the DOW, if not lower, by June of 2021.” Polny also says, “The markets are finished. We have only seen the start of a recession, and the next thing coming is a worldwide depression. So, what we have seen in the markets is only a warmup. We are in a recession going into a depression. This is the third seal of revelation which is a rebalancing of the financial system as we know it. The rebalancing specifically relates to gold, silver and paper. The world has been using a paper based monetary system that is, in essence, backed by nothing. You might want to say it is backed by good faith and confidence, but I don’t see much faith and confidence in this world anymore. . . . We are going to have a gold rush, and it is going to be epic.”

Polny thinks silver will go up much higher on a percentage basis because all the new innovations and technology will require silver as a critical component. Polny says “That means prices for silver will skyrocket.”

Polny thinks there will also be great deceptions and attacks on Christians. Polny predicts, “The whole agenda is to get rid of Christianity.”

Polny does not want to see people be deceived by evil. He says a “great deception is coming.” Polny says it will ultimately come down to choosing Christ as your Savior or renouncing Christ altogether. Polny says there is only one right choice.

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