Are We 8 Days Away From a Coup or the Invocation of the Insurrection Act?

Sunday, December 6, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
Sunday, December 6, 2020

In the classic movie, Eight Days In May, starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, there were eight days when a corrupt group of Generals were going to depose a sitting President and begin a nuclear war. Today, we have our own version of the movie. Only the protagonists are the Deep State actors and their Democratic Party puppets along with solid support from the Communist Chinese, Germany, Spain and Venezuela who have all conspired to illegally fix and election on a massive scale in a plot that we could call Eight Days in December, if this were made into a movie. If I, and many of my most trusted sources are correct, this whole issue of who will be in the White House in January, will be over by December 14th.

Many experts feel that we are 8 days away from a coup or the invocation of the Insurrection Act. Please consider the following two statements:

“Trump may not realize it, but he will be leaving the White House right after the election.”

Nancy Pelosi

“It is the duty of the Senate to confirm President-elect Biden’s cabinet well in advance of the Inauguration.”

Chuck Schumer

And of course, there is the incessant mainstream media which is incessantly pushing Trump to concede along with their constant instance that Biden is the President-elect when the Electoral College has made no such designation and there are multiple law suits in play all of which claim voter fraud.

Why is the House, the Senate and the MSM in such a hurry to ignore the obvious dates which could lead Biden becoming the President? It is obvious that they are in a hurry to end the election process before tens of millions of Americans realize that they have been disenfranchised and their country has been stolen from them right under their noses. Isn’t it ironic that the Democrats want to deny Trump his day in court when, in 2000, Democrat Al Gore got 37 days and a Supreme Court intervention before conceding?

The Electoral College’s December 14th date looms large. If the Democrats are guilty of voter fraud, that means the Supreme Court will rule before that date. Or, the Supreme court could kick the can down the road to the House of Representatives where they would decide the election as they have previously done in 1820 and 1824. THE DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER LET THE HOUSE DECIDE THE ELECTION WITHOUT FIRST STARTING A CIVIL WAR! Why? The answer is simple, because each state gets one vote and only one vote. That means that Trump would likely win 31-19 and the Democrats and their Deep State Puppeteers know this!

Trump’s options become narrow if the Supreme Court rules against him. At that point, he would be compelled to concede and would lose the moral and possibly high ground with regard to invoking the Insurrection Act. Hence, if Trump wants to be sure of staying in office, he must declare the country to be in a state of insurrection and act accordingly. At this point, Trump has one option which is the invoke the Insurrection Act and declare limited martial law. He would then have to show cause by seizing relevant proof of election fraud be seizing what remaining evidence of election fraud has not yet been altered. Absent the fraud which abounds, across the country, but primarily in the so-called swing states, the best evidence the President has lies in the corrupt leadership of the Georgia state government, where there is growing evidence that the CHICOMS paid bribery money to the families of the Governor (Kemp) and the Secretary of State’s family members received bribe money in order to accept the use of Dominion voting machines. The stories to this effect are rampant and persist in many avenues. In fact, 3 days ago, I had personal conversations about the bribery allegations with two of my sources and they confirmed that Trump likely knows. Also, in these conversations came the rumors of the revelations that these corrupt Georgia officials had received the “visit” in which they were told that we know where your kids go to school, etc.! And then the bombshell was dropped. Republican Senatorial candidate Kelly Loeffler’s driver and campaign aide was mysteriously killed this weekend! If ever there was the proverbial Godfather horses head in the bed, this is it. From what I have learned, if Kemp has a brain, he will cut a deal with Trump to avoid execution by firing squad or death by hanging. Isn’t it interesting that the DOJ expanded the methods of execution for federal prisoners to these two types of executions only last week. I think the President’s people in the DOJ were sending a message.

Speaking of the DOJ, I roundly criticized AG Barr for saying that there was not enough fraud to generate a sufficient vote total to flip the election. I roundly criticized Barr in a subsequent podcast. However, I was told I was wrong and that Barr is playing possum. I was told that Barr was trying to get the criminal Governors (eg Newsom, Whitmer and the Democrat in Drag, pretend Republican AZ governor Ducey) to certify the election with the confidence that they could not be prosecuted for being a party to fraud. Paul Preston, the President of the 51st State movement, known as New California, which has the blessing and support of the Trump administration, is saying the same thing. Barr was laying a trap for these corrupt governors and then the President is going to act and start arresting these people.

Trump must act before December 14th, with or without a Supreme Court mandate. The Democrats must stop him before this date and they must be anticipating that Trump is going to bring in the military.

In part two of this story, stunning evidence and detail will be presented which even goes so far that the Democrats are planning for a virtual Inauguration because, in reality, they know that there will not be an inauguration. If one thinks this is incendiary, you ain’t seen nothing yet. By the way, where is the CIA Director?

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