Has CIA Director Gina Haspel Been Deposed? Is That Why the Deep State Allies Running for Cover?

Saturday, December 5, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, December 4, 2020

The raid on Dominion, in Frankfurt, Germany is real and is provable through, both an inside source and also through the examination of some very, very poorly executed coverups with allies in the mainstream media.

Last night, I had an arranged conversation with a DOJ employee. The arranging person has provided me with tips on 3 very big stories in the past that proved to be absolutely true. The source wants this printed and I want to mention that dead man switches are in play.

The whistleblower DOJ employee is a Democrat, admittedly hates Trump, but is not on board with the coup that has been perpetrated through election fraud which also carries the distinct possibility of a coup in the next few days to be carried out against Trump as he is arrested and removed from office, as Nancy Pelosi has suggested. This person rubs elbows with DOJ decision makers and confirmed what I already know, and what can asceratined is readily apparent to anyone who is paying attention; The Deep State is fully in charge of the DOJ and everyone in it, including Barr.

The following represent some verbatim quotes from this person in a 25 minute conversation.

“Everyone knows that Trump won the election and it was not close.”

“They grabbed Gina…” referring to CIA Director, Gina Haspel and the implication that Haspel is being held allegedly for treason.

“Everyone is scared shitless and everyone knows that shit runs downhill. Many at DOJ fear being arrested by Trump.”

“Many at DOJ fear that the SCOTUS will kick the election can down the road to the House (of Representatives) and they will decide. Trump will win…many will go to prison or even face a firing squad.” (Editor’s note: Please take note of the fact that the DOJ broadened acceptable executions to include death by firing squad and I was told that DOJ did not initiate the change, it was Trump!).

“I hate Trump, but I have a hard time participating in a coup. I am on the periphery but I may be close enough to be prosecuted. I sit in meetings and also engage in casual conversation initiated by people I suspect of being co-conspirators to treason and I just nod, and acknowledge their comment but I am careful to make no statements which could implicate me. There is no way out for me and I need to establish a pattern of at least benign neglect. Otherwise, my life is over!”

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