Trump Win Offers a Way Forward After US Bankruptcy – Holter & Sinclair…“If the socialists take over, the system blows up instantaneously.”

Sunday, November 1, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
October 31, 2020

Financial writer Bill Holter and renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair warn that no matter who wins this Presidential Election, the next administration will have to navigate the so-called financial reset that has already started. Holter contends, “Mathematically, our financial system is bankrupt. Can they string it along another year or two? I don’t know, but I do know if we go full blown socialism, it’s like pulling the pin on the hand grenade. It goes off right away. Everything blows up faster and harder. A lot of people are not factoring in is when this thing goes down . . . I hope it goes down under the rule of law. Under socialism, the rule of law is basically what they say it is. . . . The U.S. will immediately move to a financially broken status.”

Sinclair agrees with Holter and says, “If the socialists take over, the system blows up instantaneously. The Green Revolution will have such an impact on business and put so many people out of jobs without any way to replace those jobs. It would actually be a political event and an economic sin.”

Sinclair goes on to say there will be “massive deflation” in this financial reset, and that would be good for gold. Sinclair continues, “Gold will hit entirely different prices that have never been conceived before because of all the debt. So, people think deflation when they see a market rip apart. That clicks in people’s minds that is a negative for gold. It is one of the most important ingredients to significant appreciation in the gold price. There is no comparison to this gold market now and anything we have gone through before. . . . The potential for gold on the upside is extraordinary on the upside. . . . There will be a form of inflation in everything that you need and will cost you more. Everything that you don’t need, like your Tesla, will fall through the floor into a black hole.”

How high can gold go considering exploding federal debt and a Federal Reserve balance sheet that doubled to more than $7 trillion in a little more than a year? Holter does the astounding and yet simple math. Holter explains, “The number is over $100,000 per ounce for gold now. If you take the 260 million ounces that we (U.S. Treasury) supposedly have and take the 260 million ounces and divide it into the current debt which is $27 trillion, it’s well over $100,000 per ounce now. In other words, if we had to back our debt in gold, the gold would have to be priced at over $100,000 per ounce.”

Sinclair offers hope and a way out of the financial mess we face. It involves a Trump Win that will preserve the Constitution and the rule of law. Sinclair explains, “We have a crash that can be built back. There is a road forward. The road forward starts to make itself clear in 2032. 2032 will be the end of the impact to what is about to happen no matter who is elected. . . . The economic problem is quite serious. . . . If the rule of law is respected and the police are not defunded, free speech is allowed, the Second Amendment is maintained, then there is a way forward and there is a repair. It will come back together. However, if none of those exist . . . it is a total social and political change irreparable in nature.”

In other words, if we can maintain the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution, America can and will recover. Let’s pray that happens.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks to Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair of in this in-depth one hour interview.

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