Saturday, August 22, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Wes Rhinier
August 21, 2020

What follows was sent to me by a close friend. He wishes to remain anonymous. I feel it is important to share how people are feeling about the situation that we face. Please Read and I look forward to your thoughts.

Over the past 22 years, I have been getting ready for the calamity that I could foresee coming to this country. I was calling it getting ready and now it is called prepping. At first, I wondered if my time in multiple combat zones, ranging from Africa, Bosnia, and Columbia had skewed my thinking and that I was going crazy, then I came to realize the truth. I am crazy, but not ignorant or dumb by a long shot.

The years roll by, and our government becomes more corrupt and embedded with leaders and officials that are the damn worst scum of earth. Over the years, more corruption has been uncovered, freedoms lost, deceit and theft from the hard working, tax paying Americans mount, and it seems to continue instead of being uncovered and stopped. People shake their heads in disgust and talk about how they are going to vote next time.

Voting does not work in a corrupt, rigged system! Wake up America! We cannot vote our way out of this mess!

So, I fast forward to this week, when a very simple concept was driven home, like a 20-penny nail through my thick hard head. My dear ole dad told me last September, “you and your family are going to get killed!” I said, “huh, why?” His response was, because your family and very few true friends don’t have any help when this shit finally hits the fan! I thought about it and pondered on it now for almost a year and he is 100% right. I should have listened! He only has a couple of different combat tours in Vietnam.

Why was he right: Over the past couple of years people have seemed to wake up to what is really happening. They can tell you the problems that are happening, but they cannot grasp the concept that violence is coming to America, all of America. Yes, the metropolitan areas will experience problems first, but they WILL come to rural America. So why are people not ready? They talk a good talk right up until you start asking hard questions. They have these crazy oxymoronic beliefs and buying habits. I’ll by an AR-15, 2 extra “clips” and four twenty round boxes of the cheapest ammo made! Huh, what? You have a weapon that you do not have a clue on how to run, nothing to practice with, and nothing to carry gear on. War belt, chest rig, plate carrier anyone, oh Jesus maybe even a really good first aid / blowout kit? Their response, “now I’m not looking for trouble, I ain’t no Rambo.” It is not about being Rambo but about being a responsible prepared American. Food? Oh, I have a bucket of rice and I’ll eat squirrels and rabbits. Let’s face it, you will starve! Clothes, boots, rain gear? I don’t own long-pants, I just wear shorts year-round. Oh, so long pants and heavy-duty boots are useless! What will you do during a cold winter, especially if your displaced from your home and you are now a refugee? But I do have a charger and extra battery power pack for my iPhone 17!

The mass killing and die off of the U.S. population will be epic. Deagel.com is reporting that the United States population in 2025 will be 100 million, which is a 2/3 reduction in the next 4 years! They are also reporting that the GDP per person will be down 60%. These numbers are beyond scary. Remember that food, water, and shelter are most important. Being able to protect your family and absolute necessities are of huge importance. The folks that supposedly know and understand what is going on are not prepared. Actually, most are no where near even getting started!

Sadly written by the Horse.


  1. Citizen Kane

    100% accurately written. We’re all on our own when the shit hits the fan. Even your next door neighbors will become a threat to your survival.


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