BREAKING: Oregon State Police abandon Portland after local left-wing D.A. refuses to pursue criminal charges against rioters who attack law enforcement

Friday, August 14, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, August 13, 2020

BREAKING: Portland, Oregon now stands on the verge of collapse into total lawlessness and anarchy, all by design, as Oregon State Police are pulling out of the city following the decision of the local district attorney to drop nearly all charges against rioters who violently assault law enforcement officials.’

Once again, a radical left-wing D.A. is deliberately plunging their own city into chaos, abandoning their duty to uphold the rule of law for the protection of the innocent residents of that city.”

In essence, Portland is now being plunged into the kind of lawless, left-wing violence that characterized the CHAZ / CHOP zone in Seattle, which was openly allowed to be taken over by criminal terrorists with the blessing of the Mayor of Seattle and the Governor of Washington (both of whom must face arrest and prosecution for treason).

Portland, Oregon is about to become a Third World war zone run by violent terrorists and gangs. This is what Democrats want, because they hate America.

“Oregon State Police troopers are leaving Portland despite continued violence in the state’s largest city,” reports The Epoch Times. “Capt. Timothy Fox, a state police spokesman, told The Epoch Times that the decision stemmed from the district attorney overseeing Portland deciding not to pursue some criminal charges.”

“The Oregon State Police is continually reassessing our resources and the needs of our partner agencies and, at this time, we are inclined to move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority,” Fox said in an emailed statement late Thursday.

Law enforcement has had enough; they are escaping Portland while they still can… COLLAPSE into anarchy now imminent


3 Responses to “BREAKING: Oregon State Police abandon Portland after local left-wing D.A. refuses to pursue criminal charges against rioters who attack law enforcement”

  1. SF Mo

    I bet those ANTIFA pussies can’t burn down city hall!

  2. David McCarty

    Sounds like a opportunity for some good MEN of the City of Portland to step in for the official policing agencies, and identify and round up some of these rat bastards and bitches polluting our bureaucracies, like the DA, and make examples of them. As the collapse accelerates throughout the Nation, many of these policing agencies are going away anyway; how do (bankrupt) towns, cities, and states maintain police when there is nothing to pay them? Garbage collectors? Municipal water treatment operations? Hmmm??? Maybe the Oregon State Police should swear out warrants for arrest of some of these public servants like the DA, obviously criminally derelict and criminally negligent – malfeasance of office in refusing to prosecute arrestees taken into custody and referred for prosecution. Of course we have a situation in this Nation of lawlessness in all things gubbmint. I call it “Trickle Down Lawlessness”. A situation whereby the ‘law’ only applies to us peasantry (the 99%), and we acquiesce like good slaves our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OF FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Now, it’s going to reach a point where I (all of us) may have to plant my yard in edibles, and come by some chickens and a pig or goat, in order to feed me and mine. When the city ordinance enforcer stops by and tells me “you’re in violation of city ordinance and you may not grow vegetables and livestock” cease and desist, it’s then my right (for self preservation) to grab the gubbmint enforcer by the fucking throat, and beat and club the sack of shit until they piss and shit all over themselves, and let it be known that upon a second visit from them, you’re likely not going to survive your folly Mr./MS. gubbmint flunky enforcer. Mind your own GD business! Time grows short boys and girls, to stand up like Men and Women in opposition to all of the gubbmint malfeasance and intrusion in our lives at all levels. We peasants need to put the “fear of God” back into these gubbmint types and stop them dead in there tracks when they show up waving the 44 quadrillion zillion gabillion pages of rules, ordinances, regulations (for thee – not for me) in our faces. As for the residents of the City of Portland, you get what you deserve. If you don’t like the looting and pillage taking place in your City, and the police and officialdom are out and about displaying their impotence and irrelevance, the citizenry should organize and coordinate a response to the thuggery, get out there with your Louisville Sluggers, machetes, and Winchesters and handle up on a few of the FUCKTARDS. Nothing makes an impression like a few bloody fucking corpses laying about.

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    ALL white Christians move south … and suburban and rural.


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