It Should Frighten Every American That Kamala Harris Will Be One Joe Biden Hallucination Away From the Presidency

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I think it is an unwritten rule, that one must be an abject criminal and has repeatedly violated the public trust before running for high public office.

A lot was learned when Kamala Harris was running for President. With Joe Biden’s mental acuity in severe question, Kamala is only one hallucination away from the Presidency.

By the way, Harris said she believed Tara Reid’s sexual assault allegation against Biden. She also stated that she believed that Biden was a racist.

That’s ok, Harris is not running as the Vice President, she is running as someone who will take over the Presidency under the 25th Amendment.

Anti-Constitution and Anti-Gun

Kamala Harris is not a constitutionalist. She wants your gun. She wants to deny you the right to use your gun in self-defense. She would make a much better member of the UK Parliament then a US Senator. a strong supporter of gun control. In short, she does not believe you have the right to buy a gun, carry a gun, or even hunt with a gun. Just like in the UK, self defense is not allowed in her world of criminal justice. Kamala is dripping with the same level of hypocrisy as Nancy Pelosi in her do as I say, not as I do approach to governance of the people. Of course, she has armed body guards. Maybe she feels threatened by Willie Brown’s wife (see below). The following illustrates her propensity to misuse public funds for personal gain, just like Obama. NBC of LA reported the following:

Los Angeles taxpayers paid for airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and meals, according to detailed expense reports obtained by NBC News. Armed, plain-clothes LAPD officers were dispatched to California cities outside of Los Angeles at least a dozen times to provide security for U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris at public events, media appearances, and a party. .A new police chief found out about the unprecedented freebie from the people of Los Angeles and put a stop to it. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, says he never heard of it and laid the blame squarely on recently retired LAPD chief Charlie Beck. One thing is certain: it’s never been done before. But this being Harris, it’s not surprising it happened.”


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  1. Robert Edward Lee


    Where’s Hodges on this ??????????????????????????????????????

  2. David McCarty

    A very important point to consider, that as the oil/transportation fuels go away with our National indigence and extreme ignorance, the food supply will also go bye-bye. When millions upon millions of impoverished (in many ways) Americans do finally realize they are going to STARVE TO DEATH, governance will be impossible, maintaining law and order impossible, continuing even basic services, for example electric/water impossible. Assuming we aren’t overrun by 1500 million Chinese (very likely) extraordinarily adverse conditions will wreak havoc on us all. When the supply and logistics apparatus finally fail, raging violence will erupt and I don’t think it is going to resemble what many envisage. There will be some ethnic sectarian component for sure. It won’t sustain however – the immediate, sudden and absolute failure in the food supply will, within weeks leave most people unable to function properly from malnutrition and disease. Yes, I am making the assertion now that we have set in motion uncontrollable and irreversible circumstance leading to utter and abject failure of the status quo, the outcome of which will be nothing short of mind numbingly horrific. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say ‘there won’t be enough living to bury the dead’. The bones of the dead will lay scattered and sun bleached and in time turn to dust where they lay. This horrendous gyrating flailing quivering stinking mess mankind has surrounded himself with in the last 150 years is going away. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


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