INTERVIEW: John Moore “The Liberty Man” warns of Planet X fly-by, pole shift, asteroid impacts and government cover-ups

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A large, planet-sized mass inhabits our solar system, and its large elliptical orbit around the sun brings it across Earth’s orbital plane every 3,600 years or so, wreaking havoc on our planet due to strong gravity effects. The U.S. government has been aware of the approach of “Planet X” for over forty years, warns John Moore “The Liberty Man,” in a jaw-dropping new interview on Brighteon Conversations. (See below.)

While Planet X won’t strike the Earth, it’s nearby approach will unleash cataclysmic consequences across our planet that may bring an end to human civilization as we know it, Moore explains in the interview. Those effects may include a global “pole shift,” which means the Earth’s crust slips to a new orientation, unleashing extreme winds, volcanoes, earthquakes, flooding, tidal waves and more.

“Every structure on the surface of the Earth would be destroyed,” explains Moore, who reveals the governments of the world are frantically constructing more underground bunkers in anticipation of catastrophic events.

John Moore is a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst and took part in 57 air combat missions over Vietnam and Cambodia. He later become a homicide detective for the state of Missouri. As a long-time radio host, Moore has developed a long list of sources inside government and the U.S. military. He hosts a radio show each weekday from 8 – 10 am central time, via Republic Broadcasting. Learn all the details at


5 Responses to “INTERVIEW: John Moore “The Liberty Man” warns of Planet X fly-by, pole shift, asteroid impacts and government cover-ups”

  1. Fossil

    Pretty intriguing stuff I must say. Possibly enlightening even.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Solutions ?

  3. Citizen Kane

    There is no planet X. This is just “MOORE” disinformation to distract the masses. Read the Bible. Our earth is flat and covered by a dome (firmament). There is water above us as well as below us. We are surrounded by water. There is no outer space. NASA has never escaped the dome and never will so they continue to lie and feed us fake videos of space walks and launches. We have been lied to our entire lives. Everything we have been taught to beLIEve in, has been LIES. For those of us who refuse to wake up and recognize the truth, there is no helping them. Our world is being destroyed right in front of us. If there is a pandemic going around, which I doubt, then it is being dropped on us by the chemtrails above us. Just look up and see our skies being polluted almost daily. I know I’m ranting, but to be completely honest, I, for one, am sick and tired of the constant bullshit we’re being fed daily. Enough already!

  4. Flat Earther, Huh! See you around.
    In the past, 450,000 years, Planet X, has come thru about 43 times, the last time it came in, was cause of Noah’s flood, 10,000+ years ago not 5,000. Planet X comes up from the South, it’s orbit is between the orbit of Jupiter and Mars, about where the Astro belt is, the remains of planet that was there some time ago. When Planet X comes in it does not always cause, great disaster, but it can destroy entire civilizations, this is why all the bunkers people are building buying, if your rich.
    In Russia it’s no secret, they think we are stupid because our government lies and says Planet X does not exist, they found it over 50 years ago, and said Oh! there is nothing to worry about for at least 50 years.

  5. If you want more info about Planet X, really if you want to learn more about this subject, look into “Sumerian Tablets”. The first ones were found in the 1800s, now they have unearthed more than a half a million of them. When the US went, into Iraq, during, they raided all the museums and took everything, but denie doing so. So far 20%, of these tablets have been deciphered, these tables go back tens of thousands of years. Unlike paper, animal skins, this baked clay last, till it is broken, but many of these were copied, or they backed up the file. It’s just so terrible that the Library of Alexandria Burned, there would be, so, so much more our governments could hide from us.
    You can go on internet, to UCLA, and look at tablets, and they will decipher, what ever table you select, from the limited amount they have to view. You could also learn the cuneiform language your self, and read understand, what ever tablet you have access to. They knew about all the planet in our solar system, we only discovered Pluto a little over a hundred years ago, here we are talking thousands. They were doing Brain surgery, complicated mathematics, had weapons of mass destruction. Yet only in the pass year, has our government amitted to have video of unidentified air craft.
    They also speak of having bases on Moon, Mars, which all is being hidden from the general public. They have to though, because most are so stupid, I’m not knocking stupid, a moron might know something, you don’t. I’m just saying what’s up. They decided back in 50s the G.P. couldn’t handle the truth, it would panic everyone, their getting ready for disclosure, they going to have to when Planet X, comes back thru. Don’t worry though, the aliens live a very long time but you can still kill them, and they though not God’s themselves, do believe in the, a Creator God.
    They the researcher are looking for the garden of eden table, yea it exist. The Vatican hired the top linguist in the world, to compare what was said in Bible “Torah” Sumerian Tablets,. The guy was scared, but he told them the truth, he said well when God was on the water, it was a space ship, they had radio, things they drove around on, and the guy call Yahweh, said look I’m the boss don’t listen to those other dudes. The Vatican, fired the guy, went out bought part of mountain in AZ, built a telescope, and said, even then Aliens can be saved find God, what ever there you go. And by the way. the Vatican, has hidden, so many secrets in the basement, of the Vatican they probably, have them all beat.
    Check it out decide for your self, get of the floride.


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