It is Brother vs Brother, Parents vs Their Kids and Neighbor vs Neighbor-The Civil War Has Come to Main Street America

Monday, August 10, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, August 9, 2020

Unfortunately, everything I have been saying since 2012 is beginning to manifest on the streets of America. We are in a contrived civil war. The average America has no idea about what is ready to hit them.

At the root of the civil are the mega-corporations seeking to run the country as they tried to do in the TPP agreement that Trump ended as soon as he became President. However, the lining of the sides for the coming civil war that could kill millions, has been completed. Even down to the micro-level we see that America is completely polarized. We don’t need blue and gray uniforms for this civil war. The participants already know who they are and who is on their side. They really don’t need uniforms. What you will be seeing in these 2 recent videos is that there are clearly 2 sides at work in the present civil. There are those that want a communist regime change and there are those America, mostly older, that seek defend the Republic. The communist revolutionaries are winning and most Americans don’t even realize this is a civil war that will eventually kill millions of people. These videos will make it clear that we now have a case of brother vs brother, parents vs their kids and neighbor vs neighbor.

These two, very short videos tell the entire story about what is happening to our country (language alert).

The media focuses on the differences between Pelosi and Trump. This is almost a distraction at this point in time. The real war has moved away from Washington DC and is now embedded in the streets of America. This is Bosnia 1992. Antifa is putting snipers have been caught practicing on the roof tops of cities and are practicing to re-enact the Ukrainian CIA overthrow from 6 years ago. People walking down the street of our cities will soon be targeted as they walk down the street. If they look conservative, right wing, or Christian, they will be targeted.

The police have largely been neutralized and are seemingly powerless to stop the violence. And now the violence has descended from warring governmental factions to everyday people on the street. The following 2 video, one from Colorado and the other Texas demonstrate that this country is divided at the individual level. This is no longer about ideology. This is about power.

The guns you see in the following 2 videos will soon be turned loose on American streets. Nobody will be safe. The civil war has not come to Main Street America. Given the rapidity of the advance of the conflict, it is difficult to believe that we will make it to the election.


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