DEBT SUICIDE: Democrats pushing for $3.4 trillion in new “stimulus” money to bail out failing Democrat-run states

Friday, August 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Friday, August 07, 2020

CNN‘s Manu Raju recently asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi what it would take for House Democrats to support the new proposed stimulus deal, and her response was $3.4 trillion in funding for failing states that are going bankrupt, many of which are run by Democrats.

Indicating that she has no plans to budge on the $3 trillion stimulus package passed by the House back in May, Pelosi upped the ante by adding on another $400 billion, which she says would convince her to “settle” on a deal.

While holding the rest of the country hostage from receiving much-needed funding, Pelosi is demanding that the cash start flowing if her side of the aisle is to ever cooperate with the Republicans on getting a bill passed.

“We are just right now identifying the justification for what we’re saying it costs, how the money would be spent,” Pelosi is quoted as saying, adding that, “At some point, you just have to freeze the design.”

“And we’re asking the same for some of the things they are talking about, so that we have a clear understanding. So it’s productive in that regard.”
In response to Pelosi’s demands, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated that it represents “a mockery” of the process, which is supposed to be a bipartisan effort to help the American people recover from the effects of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

“It is Nancy Pelosi, it is Chuck Schumer, that are making an absolute mockery of this process,” McEnany is quoted as saying.

McConnell patently rejects Pelosi’s stimulus proposal, defends Senate GOP’s $1 trillion alternative package

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed vehement opposition to Pelosi’s demands, calling the Democrat stimulus package “another big laundry list.” Instead, he would rather see the Senate GOP’s $1 trillion stimulus bill get passed, which costs less than one third of what the Democrats are proposing.

Top Democrat and White House negotiators sparred at length with one another this past week in the hopes of reaching an agreed-upon deal, but nothing has thus far been solidified. Meanwhile, key deadlines have come and gone, and it would appear as though mass chaos is soon on the way.

The federal eviction moratorium, as one prominent example, recently expired, leaving tens of millions of Americans who are still without jobs unable to pay their rents. Many of them could get evicted, in other words, which would create waves of homelessness unlike anything this country has seen in recent history.

Federal unemployment benefits have also expired, leaving untold millions without the incomes they need to continue making ends meet.

Pelosi claims that she is concerned about these things and hopes to reach a deal with the Republicans very soon. However, she has continually held back the process with unreasonable demands that more than likely will never gain Republican support.

“And now we just have to negotiate what comes next,” Pelosi concluded about what she and her Democrat colleagues have planned for getting their way.
Many casual observers are mortified that this is the current state of our Republic, which is on the verge of total collapse because the two sides of the aisle are unable to cooperate and come to an agreement.

“We are debt slaves with a printing press,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter, getting straight to the point. “The reaper is at the doorstep, though.”

“Yeah, this country is not worth fighting for in its current state,” wrote another. “Bring back the Bill of Rights, and maybe.”

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  1. David McCarty

    First and foremost, the President should hold an emergency address to the nation and make some bold statements of truth and fact. The President should make it clear that, he is a ‘Johnny come lately’ to the national political scene, that the horrendous disaster unfolding has been generations in the making, and that the career politicians with ‘generations’ of (under their belts) fraud, graft, grand theft, malfeasance, dereliction and self-enrichment and aggrandizement purely through the elected positions they’ve held, need to be scrutinized and held accountable by the citizenry of the individual states/people these grossly negligent scumbags like pelosi, schumer, stickyfingernotsofeinstein, wimpsy grahamcracker and on and on. Address the citizenry Mr. President, tell them there will be no more monopoly money forthcoming, and instruct the citizenry of the individual states to take up the collapsing fiscal houses of the state’s, cities, and municipalities with the appropriate SCUMBAGS HOLDING ELECTED AND GUBBMINT BUREAUCRATIC POSITIONS that have facilitated this abject collapse now under way. That group of treacherous, lecherous, treasonous rat bastards and bitches would also include a large chunk of our so called business, banking, judicial, military and security franchise ‘leadership’. The (well armed) citizenry with citizen mandates and the citizen prerogative, should now form committee’s to identify, detain, issue search and arrest warrants, form grand juries, and hire lots and lots of unemployed carpenters to build the necessary thousands of gallows required to mete out atonement to the traitorous treasonous rat bastards and bitches in our midst.


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