The Extreme Hypocrisy of the Left Is On Full Display Through the Statements of NBA Star Lebron James

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

For the record, I have always supported civil rights causes involving virtually every demographic. I have stood up against injustice of all types. I am not a racist and I have gone to the next level and have spoken out against racism. I do not need to defend myself. However, I should not feel compelled to state this fact. Is there racism? Undoubtedly there are still pockets of racism. However, when the left declares chess to be a racist game because the game lets white pieces move first, the position of these radicals is greatly diminished. When African-American businesses are fire-bombed by radical leftist groups in the name preventing racism, their message falls on deaf ears.

The left is unintelligent. Most every White person I know was shocked, angry and called out for justice when George Floyd was murdered while in police custody. Most people, regardless of race, called for justice. Most reasonable people are willing to dialogue and work on issues related to racism. However, the sane among us, don’t see racism in the design of wallpaper. The left is unwilling to talk and dialogue and achieve meaningful reforms. The goal of the Left is not civil rights, it is regime change and the ushering in of a Bolshevik Revolution. These people, paid by George Soros, are being used for a political agenda, not a civil rights agenda.

I am growing weary of the left using the concept of racism being used to further a communist takeover of this country. I defended Kapernick when he kneeled. I did not agree with it, but it was his right. Why does the left expect tolerance when they offer no quarter when the situtiona was reversed. Recently, an NBA player who refused to kneel was mocked by an ESPN reporter when he severely injured his knee in a recent game. This is depravity on a scale that I have not seen in the media except for the likes of CNN.


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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    We don’t care what some porch monkey with a ball says or thinks. Research your audience !!!

    Focus on manning up and making a stand to fight. NOT “adapting” aka taking a knee.


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