Convict And Jail Communist Leaders For Treason

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Andrew Wallace
August 5th, 2020

When I say Communist, I also mean most of the Democrat political leaders, who are Communists in charge of the jurisdictions, being destroyed by Marxist thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These Democrat Communist political leaders actively stand behind the thugs and encourage them. Democrat political leaders encourage death, destruction, and anarchy in their communities. Then, they can install Communism and gain absolute power and control.


The people who vote for Democrat Communist Politicians are not Communists themselves. But, they know next to nothing about our country and have been brainwashed for years by schools and the media. Vladimir Lenin, a well known Communist, referred to them as USEFUL IDIOTS.

The brutal thugs, who are terrorizing, burning, and looting our cities must know that what they do is Treason, punishable by Death.The local Communist Authorities who support them, will not charge them,but the Feds certainly will.

Useful Idiots will never accept the truth, if they attack patriots it can only end one way. I refuse to accept Communism and the loss of all my Constitutional Freedoms. I refuse to live in a Hell Hole, like the Communist inner cities. Communists have been in charge of these cities for more than 50 years as they declined, and they did nothing to improve things. Residents are terrorized, live in slum conditions, with little employment, lousy schools, poor medical care, and now, reduced police protection. All of this while party leaders, super rich families, and CEOs of multi- national corporations benefit, call the shots, and “ live High on the Hog”. To do this, your jobs had to be exported to make more money using Chinese Slave Labor. When jobs could not be exported, they brought the cheaper labor here to replace American workers. Disney imported foreign workers to replace existing American workers. Why do you think Communists and corporations want open borders and free everything for illegal’s?
Make no mistake, the Communists are terrorizing, and burning down their own cities to condition the people to demand a Communist Utopia, that can never exist, and never did. Communism never works, it only kills millions. Our Pilgrims tried it for one year, and half of the people died.

Everyone, on the left, or right, must realize the consequences, if a Civil War is the result of this Treason. All benefits, Social Security, Medicare, Pensions, Payrolls , et al, will stop. Those who need expensive ongoing medical care will die. The body count will be in the millions. We will enter the greatest depression of all time, with a worthless dollar. The super rich will own everything. Once the thugs, who are also Useful Idiots , have accomplished their objective of Anarchy, the Communist leadership must destroy them to satisfy the population. Poetic justice don’t you think?

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2 Responses to “Convict And Jail Communist Leaders For Treason”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    WHY hasn’t it been done yet starting with Soros, ALL antifa and blm, and CEO’s of big tech big pay and t-shirt POD companies and Godaddy and Squarespace ?

  2. Dave

    Last time I checked, a civil, polite society doesn’t ‘jail’ TREASONOUS RAT BASTARDS AND BITCHES; we round them up, accuse them, try them, and if found guilty, promptly hang the sacks of shit. What we truly have is a wrecked society, with decayed values, mores, systemic apathy, lack of faith in anything greater than ones own lusts, and a VOID in anything resembling leadership in all of our political/financial/business/spiritual institutions. In short, we are become the ‘serpent’ with its own tail in its mouth, consuming itself. It’s all downhill from here folks, and the result of our apathy and inattention and dereliction, is that future generations of Americans will not be forthcoming, because the current populace is going to PERISH EVER SO TRIFLING DEATHS – BY MASS STARVATION. Good riddance. A nugatory, insoucient, apathetic society doesn’t deserve prosperity, nor does it garner Gods blessings.


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