The Elite’s War on Science is almost complete

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Ben Bartee
August 03, 2020

According to US social engineers, science has morphed into an abomination worse than an inconvenience.

This brigade of invisible hands that surreptitiously directs the day-to-day activity of American Empire’s permanent underclass (you and me) recently declared science to be racist.

This latest appalling move constitutes an assault on our most basic of civilizing institutions; the fundamental, indispensable nature of science to a healthy society cannot be overstated.

Objective truth – careful, methodical empirical study, AKA science – is a North Star that has steered entire populations away from ignorance, destitution, and slavery into enlightenment, brotherhood, and prosperity.

The scientific method – the process of creating hypotheses, testing them through experimentation, then applying the results to the existing pool of knowledge – is the lynchpin of progress in all its forms. There is no possibility of technological, economic, or social advancement without reliance on a wealth of empirical evidence documenting what works and what doesn’t to create a functional society.

The foundations of a stable, prosperous society are built on years of trial and error. Science, above all, builds lasting societies.

The scientific method, apart from simply conferring knowledge, instructs us in how to think if we aim to successfully apply newly discovered scientific truths to the practical improvement of our lives.

As Valenti Rull puts it:

“Science is not only necessary for humanity to thrive socially, environmentally and economically in both the short and the long term, but it is also the best tool available to satisfy the fundamental human thirst for knowledge, as well as to maintain and enhance the human cultural heritage, which is knowledge‐based by definition.”

Naturally, a tool of progress so cherished by us as heirs of the Enlightenment is equally abhorred by the social engineers perched atop the social hierarchy. The American Empire’s bureaucrats, it should come as no surprise, see no utility in a science-literate population.

Groups of people who have been taught how to think critically are dangerous to despots. The same sad history of suppression of knowledge can be observed throughout history in the prohibitions against American slave literacy, the infamous book-burnings of Nazi Germany, and the heretic trial of Socrates as far back as Ancient Greece.

Although each of these historical events was predicated on a unique set of circumstances, they all have one element in common: an educated peasantry does not serve the interests of the powerful.


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