Sundar Pichai says Google will enforce every corrupt, twisted opinion of the CDC, a vaccine-pushing propaganda arm for Big Pharma

Friday, July 31, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Just a few days after Big Tech systematically removed all traces of the America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) “White Coat Summit” event from their platforms, Google CEO Sundar Pichai appeared before Congress, where he was grilled over his company’s censorship of this powerful video.

Pichai was seen on a video livestream testifying before the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel about these and other malfeasances, during which time he was pressed about what went in to the decision-making process that ultimately led to the AFD video’s removal.

Rep. Greg Steube, a Republican from Florida, questioned Pichai about why Google is allowing plenty of violent and hateful content from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa riots to appear in its search results or on YouTube, but not allowing the AFD video, which contains helpful information about treating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) with hydroxychloroquine and zinc, to even show up at all.

“Mr. Pichai, there are rioting groups that are going unchecked with the posting of what I would contend is very violent video, yet yesterday a video about doctors discussing hydroxychloroquine and discussing the non dangers of children returning to school, and when I clicked on the link it was taken down and then I was sent a different link on YouTube and it was taken down, and I just checked again to make sure and it says ‘this video has been removed for violating YouTube’s community guidelines,’” Rep. Steube is quoted as stating.

“How can doctors giving their opinion on a drug that they think is effective for the treatment of COVID-19 and doctors who think it’s appropriate for children to return back to school violate YouTube’s community guidelines when all these videos of violence are posted on YouTube?”

Sundar Pichai claims that Google, YouTube value “freedom of expression”

In response, Pichai claimed that Google believes “in freedom of expression,” adding that “there is a lot of debate on YouTube about effective ways to deal with COVID and we allow robust debate.” But according to Pichai, the AFD video cannot be allowed because it goes against what the CDC and other “local health authorities” claim is real and true about the plandemic, which means it cannot be tolerated.

Pichai contended that the AFD video “could cause harm in the real world,” including parts of the video that state “something could be a proven cure and that doesn’t meet CDC guidelines,” referring, of course, to hydroxychloroquine. When someone says something on YouTube that contradicts the CDC, in other words, Pichai indicated that “we would take that down.”

Rep. Steube was not satisfied with this answer, challenging Pichai on his false claim that Google and YouTube support “freedom of expression,” even as they censor “doctors who are giving their opinion,” and providing real-world examples of cases where their protocols worked and were effective.

“I don’t understand why YouTube and therefore Google thinks it’s appropriate to silence physicians and their opinion of what can help and cure people with COVID-19,” Rep. Steube added.

Pichai had very little to say after this – and what would he say, considering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a privately-run corporation that does not exist or operate in the public interest? The CDC has also repeatedly been exposed for colluding with Big Pharma to skew the facts and ultimately defraud Americans, which makes it wholly untrustworthy as any type of “authority” on anything, let alone the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Your ‘community standards’ are not my community standards, and are certainly not American standards,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter, speaking directly to Google and YouTube.

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