Schiff: “The Dollar Is Not Just Going Down; It’s Going To Crash”

Friday, July 31, 2020
By Paul Martin

Fri, 07/31/2020

As gold was closing in on its all-time record price last week, Peter Schiff appeared on the Claman Countdown and warned about the looming dollar crisis.
Claman set up the interview pointing out that Peter predicted this big move up in gold months ago and asked, “What’s your new prediction about the dollar?”

Peter said it’s not really a new prediction, but perhaps it’s more timely.

The dollar’s not just going down. It is going to crash.”

Prior to the interview, Claman mentioned that the Dow was up, but Peter said there is another way to look at it.

Priced in real money, gold and silver, the Dow is actually down. And what gold is telling you, and silver, is that the dollar is losing value. It’s losing purchasing power.”

The dollar had been drifting lower against other fiat currencies over the past several weeks. At the time of the interview, the dollar index was just a few ticks off its March low.

But I think the dollar is going to keep drifting down until it collapses,” Peter said. “And this is going to usher in a real economic crisis in America, unlike something we’ve ever seen. Because it’s going to force the Fed to choose between saving the dollar, and dumping all the bonds its been buying, letting interest rates rise sharply, forcing the US government to slash spending right now and abandon all these stimulus plans, or just let inflation ravage the entire economy and wipe out a generation of Americans.”


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  1. Jade Helm

    Schiff leaves out that those dual citizen bankers / Federal Reserve types have second or third or fourth homes in New Zealand, Israel, London, or elsewhere to flee with their stolen wealth while their fellow travelers in Washington announce through the billionaire controlled media that all the refugees, asylum seekers, illegal aliens, and migrants they have invited to North America are now collectively a majority in the former “Free World” who should be given “reparations” by the newly impoverished and demonized white minority.


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