Government Warning: “One Way Or Another, The Economy Is Going To Lockdown Again”

Friday, July 31, 2020
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo
July 30th, 2020
The ruling class has been warning us what’s coming, and still few are listening. Paul Krugman, infamous Kenysian even said: “one way or another, the economy is going to lockdown again.” That’s not a threat either. Rest assured, that’s a promise.

The elitists who use the puppets in the ruling class have been advertising their moves for a long time. Take Krugman’s promise, for example. “One way or another, the economy is going to lock down again,” he said on Tuesday night. This is exactly what’s needed for the New World Order. They must fully decimate what’s left of the economy and kill the dollar to force everyone onto a one-world digital currency and universal basic income.

Don’t want the COVID shot? No money. Don’t want the flu shot? Can’t buy food. This is getting painfully obvious yet people are STILL in complete compliance mode and have acted as the perfect slaves for these psychopaths.

“This is where we’ve gotten to,” the noted economist lamented to CNN’s Don Lemon. “We squandered the chance to actually bring this thing (the coronavirus) under control,” he said, pointing to the premature reopening of states, which the propagandists need you to believe led to a “devastating resurgence of COVID-19.”

Krugman predicted a new lockdown would come about either “because governors and hopefully the president finally says ‘OK, we screwed it up, we need to do it over again’ or just because people are too afraid” to go out and resume business as usual. Did you catch that? They are literally telling us they need us to be afraid. Do these psychos actually feed on fear? Probably. It sure seems like it. The more terrified you are, the easier it will be to control you and the more egregious tyranny you’ll accept.


3 Responses to “Government Warning: “One Way Or Another, The Economy Is Going To Lockdown Again””

  1. Dave

    When the peasants (99%’rs) become hungry enough, the masks will come off, and the Krudmans and Pudosis’ and Fa(f)ucis and MasterGates and Fuckerbergs of the world will be hunted down and treated to good ol’ fashioned ‘dismemberment partys’ by cane knife and rig axe. First order of the People’s Business should be to round up every member of Cuntgress and start meteing out ACCOUNTABILITY for decades of traitorous, felonious, corrupt dealings by these lecherous treacherous MFUCKING SCUMBAGS. I try not to use offensive language, but quite frankly we are well beyond civility and politeness, we are beyond the humane execution stage, and well into the FUCKING SLAUGHTER THESE DEGENERATE SOB’s and DOB’s.

  2. Citizen Kane

    100% agree Dave! Let’s not forget the crooked judges, cops, DAs and everyone else associated with our corrupt legal system that have been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes for decades. The entire government from federal, all the way down to local needs to be purged. French revolution style.

  3. White Scooter Trash

    Were you picked on in grade school ? How many time did you let the bully pick on you ? Most likely until you draw the line and nut up.

    Like my daddy used to tell me: If I find out you got your ass kicked again I will kick your ass even harder than the bully.

    You will see what pathetic weak pussies they are when the hunted turns into hunter. They count on you being servile fucking wimps. Your choice.


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