Democrats using political violence to destroy democracy and rule by force

Thursday, July 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Political violence is an attack on America itself. Tucker Carlson made some very important points in a recent broadcast discussing the left’s politically-motivated violence and how the Democrats are using this violence to assume power.

The current state of affairs in America’s inner cities can best be described as a third world country that has collapsed into a war zone, especially in places like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Instead of denouncing the violence and restoring law and order, several of these democratic leaders are cheering it on.

Democrats look to benefit from political violence, destroying democracy

Political violence ends democracy, returning a country to the most primitive systems of governance. Under this system, the powerful rule over the weak. People who hurt others get to do exactly what they want and everyone else must obey them.

“Political violence isn’t simply an assault on individual Americans. It’s an attack on America itself. In this country we govern by consent, not by force. People with guns don’t make laws. Voters do,” said Carlson.

So why are the people who run these cities encouraging the political violence? Democrats are looking to benefit from the violence, to ultimately use it to intimidate and gain power.

Carlson summarized it well: “It’s okay to set fires or smash strangers in the face with two by fours, so long as you are chanting the correct slogans. If you’re on the right team, everything is allowed. But if you dare to dissent from the orthodoxy, you will be swiftly punished. The message they are sending you is very clear. Americans are not equal anymore. There are two standards in this country. One standard for them and a very different standard for you.”

Democratic leaders are excusing political violence. Their voters are destroying democracy itself, as they continue to get away with torching buildings and attacking police officers in Seattle. As they riot and hurt people, the democratic leaders make excuses for their voters and pretend none of the destruction is even happening. The media continues to go along with the violence, justifying it as “peaceful protest.” The democratic party has descended into complete lawlessness and chaos as they topple statues, assault innocents, burn buildings, and commit widespread acts of violence.

How long will CNN, ABC, and MSNBC get away with condoning violence, inverting the truth and gas-lighting the rest of America into accepting that this violence is peace? With their relentless, shameless lying, the media are co-conspirators in the violence. At least fifty-nine police officers were injured during the “peaceful” Seattle protests, as Joe Biden voters attacked law enforcement with rocks and explosives. In Sacramento, reporters had to flee the scene when one hundred fifty left-wing militants assaulted and threatened their lives. In downtown Louisville, heavily armed protestors in military outfits sauntered through the city and threatened law enforcement.

Do democrat leaders really think they will gain power through violence, while casting the blame on their opposition?

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  1. The Democrats under Obama are alleged to have planned as early as 2012 to subvert the Constitution so to form a Socialist Republic under Pres.Hillary Clinton. Disprove the allegations on


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