Violence Is Spreading City to City! Soon All Americans Living In Democratic Party Run Cities Will Be On Their Own

Monday, July 27, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, July 27, 2020

Under President Eisenhower, he endorsed the original Continuity of Government provisions. His motivation was, in part, due to his belief that Joe McCarthy (despite have serious professional and personal shortcomings) was correct about communist infiltration into America. Eisenhower believed that our cities would be put into chaos by communist-inspired forces. Isn’t that exactly what is happening right now? We will return to what’s happening to our cities later in the article.

When I was an undergraduate, I learned that the interstate highway system was originally created for defense, primarily, and commerce, secondarily. This was all done under the Continuity of Government (COG) provisions. What also came out of the policies was to seal off all troubled cities that might be in rebellion. Last night, I was contemplating several COG documents and a realization hit me like a ton of bricks. The assault upon our cities is part of the communist masterplan to collapse the United States. By focusing on cities that are controlled by Democratic Party mayors and governors, which can force a stand down in the local police and National Guard response to rioting, these Democrats can cause the President to invoke COG policies and seal off these cities in an attempt to keep the forces from spreading to even more cities. I have come to the belief that these radical leftists know that if enough cities can be isolated through the shutdown of the interstate transportation corridors. This will hasten the collapse of the United States. As heinous as the actions of rioters in Portland, Seattle, and now in Aurora, Colorado, these riots, although they threaten local citizens and businesses, do not constitute a long-term threat to the US in their present form. However, if these riots spread in all Democratic run cities, Trump will be forced to seal off these cities to protect cities not already in chaos. In summary, I believe that COG will soon have to be employed leading to a complete economic collapse. Could the nonsense COVID-19 second set of lockdowns be what Trump feels is necessary. If the country is going to be forced into COG, having the people shelter in place would be exactly what a leader would need to have happen. In other words, I believe the Trump administration is not objecting to lockdowns with the vehemence that one would expect, because Trump knows what’s coming.


3 Responses to “Violence Is Spreading City to City! Soon All Americans Living In Democratic Party Run Cities Will Be On Their Own”

  1. War Profit

    What you won’t hear on the news.
    Down here in Teller county Colorado, a group of Antifa and BLM, showed up at the county sheriff’s office, several new black on black suv’s, loaded with protesters/rioters, got out with signs and started to yell, scream, denounce the local sheriff for his stance on cooperating with ICE, etc.
    The sheriff’s office was tipped off before hand, and was ready for them.
    Antifa and blm were met by Patriots and the Sheriff and deputies, who quickly surrounded them and contained them.

    Down in El Paso county, when Antifa and blm shut down I-25, the very 1st vehicle who tried to get past the barricade, was a ne pickup pulling a horse trailer, with 2 $100K horses each, the truck was beaten, scratched, rocked, the horse trailer was hit with smoke bombs, setting the trailer on fire, killing one of the horses and injuring the other.

    Wake up Patriots, time to stand up, and not let this move into conservative counties, like they have been destroying liberal held counties and towns.

  2. War Monger

    Jerry ‘Shylock’ Nadler Calls Antifa Violence A ‘Myth’

    Give this piece of fucking shit GLOBALIST KIKE a call.

    Talk to his brainwashed Marxist snowflakes.

    I told them to go fuck themselves…

    Washington, D.C. # – 1 (202) – 225-5635

    Manhattan # – 1 (212) – 367-7350

    Brooklyn # – 1 (718) – 373-3198

  3. laura ann

    war profit: theliberals apparently want thier cities trashed like Seattle,evenliberal’s businesses and apts are trashed. Nat. guard or sheriffs need to shoot anyoneblocking interestates or burning buildings.


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