White male BLM activist says white men are a “common enemy” that the world needs to “get rid of”

Sunday, July 26, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Sunday, July 26, 2020

A white-looking male who attended a recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstration in London was caught on tape declaring that white men are a “common enemy,” and that “we need to get rid of them.”

Following a protest march that weaved its way from Marble Arch in Hyde Park to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, random unmasked speakers took to the microphone to spew various gripes about capitalism, “systemic racism,” and other things that leftists find offensive.

In this particular instance, the white-looking male hopped up on stage and began railing against himself and others like him who he says need to be exterminated from society in order to promote black lives.

Using meaningless, yet common, far-left buzzwords like “intersectionality” to try to make some kind of smart-sounding point, this white-looking male railed against white men as a scourge of the planet that must be eradicated in order for “black” and “LGBT” issues to progress.

“You need to be looking at this using intersectionality,” this person screamed through the microphone, defining this as “recognizing that there is one common enemy: the white man.”

“The systems that they use are capitalism, patriarchy, and fascism,” this person went on to bellow. “They were created and perpetuated by white men, for white men, in the interests of white men.”

Not stopping there, this person went on to rally his troops in common hatred for white men, declaring that, “once we realize that we are all fighting the same fight, it just strengthens the army.”

“A problem shared is a problem halved,” he added. “Imagine if we all realized and came together and grouped together?”

BLM now OPENLY calling for murder of white men

These statements alone clearly point to murder as the solution to their white men problem. But just to be sure that his audience of faux justice-seekers clearly understood his intent, this white-looking man went on to state unequivocally that “we need to get rid of them,” referring to white men.

Had this guy aimed his hateful rhetoric at any other race or people group, the mainstream media would have been all over the speech, condemning the man for inciting violence against others on the basis of race and sex. But because his target was white men, the Left is presumably supportive and hopeful that others will join up with the cause.

Keep all of this in mind the next time you encounter a BLM activist or group of activists on the streets, or on social media for that matter. Point them to this article, which shows that BLM is a racist, anti-white hate group that is calling on its members to murder white men in order to “heal” the planet.

Oh, but that was just one random guy, some will probably say. If that is truly the case, then BLM would have publicly stated by now that it does not support the murder of white men or any other person or group, disavowing this hateful lunatic and rejecting him from the BLM fold.

Instead, BLM continues to promote and incite violence against its various targets, which for all intents and purposes seem to be comprised mostly of white people. Remind your BLM-supporting white friends of this the next time they show “solidarity” with this anti-white movement, and explain to them that they are only furthering their own demise, as well as the demise of their white family members and friends.

“Without the contributions that whites have made to civilized society, the first world would be the equivalent of what the third world is today,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter in response to all of this.

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  1. Jeff

    Wow what an idiot. Its jaw dropping how stupid these liberals are.

  2. SF Mo

    Lets start by getting rid of him.

  3. White Scooter Trash

    Send his Lilly white communist ass into the hood and watch what the blacks do to him.



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