Miami’s “Mask Gestapo” now writing $100 fines and arresting citizens for not wearing a covid mask

Friday, July 24, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Friday, July 24, 2020

Wearing a mask to prevent the spread of covid or to keep from catching it is wise, but making sure every American is wearing one at every moment from the moment they leave their home is the job of the Democrat-led “mask police.” They are out in full force, especially in South Florida, and violations result in steep penalties, and for a third offense, you get summoned to appear in court. Is jail time to follow? Will they be asking you to identify your POTUS preference during the mug shot and line up? The new coronavirus rules are in full effect, and Democrat Mayors aren’t fooling around; instead they’re cracking down.

A team of at least 40 cops will be working only as mask violator grabbers in Miami, slinging out fines left and right (pardon the pun), $100 for individuals and $500 fines for businesses, until they catch you three times straight, and then it’s three strikes and you’re out! Time to go to court, actually, and even possibly in hand cuffs, should the mask violator grabbers not like your attitude (or voting habits). Imagine that. You have an arrest record because you’re not voting for Biden. What’s next?

Welcome to Broward County. Buckle up. Mask up. Obey your demon democrats and their SS police. Honey, put your mask on, there’s the Miami Mask Gestapo right over there. Under emergency order, businesses are being closed down right and left (40 already just in Hollywood city) while getting issued “warnings” for customers without masks, even though most masks and bandannas are virtually useless.

There’s no science to date that proves you can spread Covid before showing symptoms, but that doesn’t matter to the Democrats. It’s all about creating a communist environment, where citizens have no say, no rights, no faces, no friends, no touching, no hugging, no praying, and certainly no guns.

“Progressives” are the new Nazis: Emergency conference call for all Trump-hating Mayors in Florida

Time to step up that code enforcement. It’s all about staging control and really has nothing to do with safety. We know this because all the Democrat Mayors and Governors keep getting caught everywhere in public with no masks.

The masks are only about social justice ‘solidarity’ and submission to communist rule that’s being installed, especially in blue states, including the extremists: Virginia, New York, Michigan, Oregon, Illinois and California. Still, violate the communist edicts and you could quickly face criminal penalties and six months in jail. This is no exaggeration.

Mask propaganda and commie-style laws backed up with faked statistics

To back up the propaganda and fear-based tactics with fake statistics, all blue states are counting any sickness that has symptoms like fever or cough as covid, and any person who tests positive for antibodies of any kind are considered positive for covid. Plus, anyone who dies of any cause but is then tested positive for covid is recorded as dying from covid. Even if you jump off a 10-story building, you still died from covid if you test positive. On top of all that, most tests yield false-positive results. Tack all those on.

Meanwhile, any private gatherings of 10 or more people are illegal, unless you carry Black Lives Matter or Antifa terrorist signs and are lighting property on fire, painting graffiti on buildings, assaulting people (including all cops Black or White), and tearing down national monuments, then it’s okay, because that has been deemed “peaceful protesting” across America by all Democrat Governors and Mayors. Plus, then, you don’t need a mask and you don’t have to social distance. As long as you’re wearing or carrying anything that says “BLM” while destroying the city, including murdering or raping people, you don’t need a mask (according to every Democrat and MSM). All others, mandatory. And yes, police are using social media posts to track down everyone who violates the mask law, except for BLM terrorists and Antifa terrorists.

By the way, the mortality rate for covid is STILL the same as the seasonal flu (about 1.4%), including as reported for the whole state of Florida, where lots and lots of old folks live with their severely compromised immune systems, thanks to prescription medications. Go figure. Tune your internet dial to for updates on the Miami Mask Gestapo arresting Republicans for not carrying a BLM or Antifa sign while walking around without a mask.

Here’s what Florida residents have to say about the mask police in America:

2 Responses to “Miami’s “Mask Gestapo” now writing $100 fines and arresting citizens for not wearing a covid mask”

  1. Dave

    It’s not ‘wise’ to wear a paper doily or bandana over your cock sucker hole to prevent the spread of the faux killer disease, because paper doily’s and bandanas have ZERO EFFICACY in protecting you from a virus sized pathogen. In order to protect yourself from a virus size pathogen, you would have to wear at the very least a full face Negative Air Respirator using special particulate filters. At .12μm, corona goes right through paper/cloth face covers. ITS FUCKING ABSURD WATCHING TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WEARING CLOTH AND PAPER DOILY’S OVER THEIR DICK SUCK HOLES THINKING THEY ARE PROTECTING THEMSELVES FROM A VIRUS 0.12μm. It just demonstrates how feeble minded the general population is and just how willing they are to take tyrrany right up their ASSHOLES day in and day out peddled by ineffectual flunkies like andy cuntmo and billybob deblanksio in NYC. It’ll be refreshing watching millions starve to death while wearing magic paper and cloth doilys loosely fitted over the dick suck hole. Good riddance.

  2. Dave

    My real favorite MAGIC PROTECTION DEVICE is the new ubiquitous MAGIC PLEXIGLASS SHIELD DANGLING FROM THE CIELING BY TWO STRINGS AT THE CASH REGISTER viral protection device. FUCKING ABSURDITY. FUCKING ABSURD. FUCKING LUDICROUS. FUCKING NUTS. FUCKING INSANE. BATSHIT CRAZY. SHITHOUSE RAT CRAZY. PSYCHOTIC. SCHIZOPHRENIC. CHILDISH. INFANTILE. HEY DUMBFUCK? RETARDED. Need I say more? Fuck you scumbags, I’m moving to Russia. Where men are still men, women are still women, and if you’re a man and talk like a little girl you’ll get the shit beat out of ya.


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