Communist Corporate America fuming because Red Bull won’t sell out to domestic terrorist network BLM

Thursday, July 23, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Domestic Terrorist Network, better known as Black Lives Matter, wants money from Red Bull to sponsor their terrorist-style riots in American metropolitan cities, but Red Bull and its owners want no part of it. This became obvious after Red Bull fired their “diversity directors” who tried to coerce the company to virtue signal and get “woke” by politically backing the domestic terrorist network. Red Bull followed up those firings by eliminating their “culture teams” also, just to make sure their customers and support base don’t get the wrong idea about Red Bull’s image and their “inaction on the BLM movement.” Yes, Red Bull’s North America chief executive, chief marketing officer, and the North American president have all received the boot for trying to force the company into supporting a reverse-racist organization of criminals who are paid to commit acts of violence.

Red Bull founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, is a 76-year-old billionaire who denounces political correctness, open borders, and paid-for chaos in America

Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s as the original energy drink that was inspired by other functional beverages, and just like that, the “energy drink” category and brand was born. Last year Red Bull sold 7.5 billion cans. These beverages are very popular with blue-collar workers that are on the line in factories and processing plants all across America. Mateschitz and his partner are listed by Forbes magazine as being in the top 250th richest people in the world (about $4 billion net worth, each).

Purposely creating internal tension in the workplace has been renamed as “racial justice” and “culture teams,” and Mateschitz wants no part of it. They’re already engaged in inclusion efforts and diversity, so there’s no need to back BLM, who really represents hating all white people, anyone with their own business, and demoralizing all police (Black and White).

BLM terror squad is about creating horrible tension from nothing, and they’re getting good at it. Maybe that’s because they’re getting paid more and more from George Soros and his terror-cells he calls foundations and organizations. Of course, the Leftist news outlets and ‘presstitutes’ are “all in” for calling Red Bull management’s decisions “retaliation” against efforts to ease tensions in this racial war that’s being waged and staged by the Domestic Terrorist Network.

Red Bull refuses to be hijacked by terrorist propaganda machine BLM

Red Bull also ended their “culture teams” in Austria, the UK and Canada, along with several cultural events that were tied into racial justice themes, realizing that this angle of equality is being hijacked by terrorists, so the message is clear now. If you support the themes that BLM has taken over and coined, you may as well be sowing your own demise as a business in America, because these domestic terrorists don’t care who pays them, who hates them, or who likes them, they’re just out to abuse, burn, loot, rape and murder.

Any corporation in America that doesn’t support the overthrow of Donald Trump will be bastardized in the mainstream media from here on out. Red Bull is helping pave the way for the real Americans who are fighting for liberty, equality and our rights as citizens of the USA as stated in the one and only Constitution. If you take any pride in a business you founded or help become successful, don’t sell out to the communist-socialist-domestic-terrorist-network BLM. Guard your business and your livelihood with your life and your guns. Don’t let paid activists (anarchists) bully you into supporting the destruction of our Republic.

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