Fear All Lives Matter, Legacy Media Enemy of People, Economic Update

Friday, July 17, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
July 17, 2020

We live in a world where if you say something as seemingly harmless as “all lives matter,” you can be immediately fired or shot in the head multiple times. Both things have happened in the past few weeks. What the heck is going on? It’s a fear and violence campaign promoted by communist Marxist Democrats of the DNC, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa. This is all to make President Trump look bad and his voters to be scared enough to keep quiet and stay home.

Why is the mainstream (legacy) media (MSM) not reporting major stories like murders, violence and the moronic plans of Joe Biden and his far left base? Simple. The MSM is now a propaganda machine for the Marxist and America hating Democrats. The MSM is the enemy of the people. Anything that makes Dems and presidential candidate Joe Biden look bad is simply ignored or outright lied about.

Homebuilders’ optimism explodes, but homebuyers not so much. Even record low mortgage rates are not bringing that many buyers back. Maybe it has something to do with the unemployment filings this past week. Another 1.3 million new claims were filed, keeping the number of people filing for benefits at an historic 50 million plus since the CCP virus crisis started.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

3 Responses to “Fear All Lives Matter, Legacy Media Enemy of People, Economic Update”

  1. Dave

    Yes, what a disgrace. Fortunately for BLM/ANTIFA ‘gatherings’, the poor girl murdered wasn’t my loved one. If that girl was my loved one, when I was finished, there wouldn’t be another fugging crowd of these NAZI FUCKS assembled anywhere on the planet. Fuckin cowards don’t like to take their own medicine.

  2. Dave

    By the way, I think the nation should make reparations and give every black man, woman, and child in Amurica $50,000,000.00 What a hoot that would be. What the hell? The FED creates the currency out of thin air – it’s totally worthless at this point at any rate. Only the bankers can take perfectly good paper – and wreck it with their ink. Let the mass starvation/die-off games begin!

  3. Dave

    Watching this vile abomination called ‘modernity’ unravel ignominiously, unabashedly, is NO LESS THAN GLORIOUS I SAY, GLORIOUS DO YOU HEAR? To witness 10’s of hundreds of millions of helpless hapless MORONS hurtling headlong towards their certain demise is curious. Very curious. How can it be? Doesn’t anyone else smell the fire, the sulphur, the brimstone? It’s all about…


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