Pastor’s prophetic vision sees UN troops on the streets of America THIS YEAR, with entire cities destroyed and an economic collapse that plunges the nation into CHAOS

Sunday, July 5, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, July 05, 2020

Pastor Dana Coverstone has been shown several prophetic dreams over the last seven months or so, and the visions he saw for the Spring and Summer of this year have already come true. Now, he has gone public with details about his dream visions for the remainder of this year, and if his descriptions are anywhere close to being accurate, the situation doesn’t look good.

We’ve posted his must-see video and partial transcript below.

Pastor Dana Coverstone appears to be a very humble pastor and does not claim to be any sort of prophet. He was initially reluctant to share these dreams / visions, but after so much of what he was shown began to come true, he felt a Christian obligation to share his message with the world. He has been shocked and overwhelmed by the response to this video, and he explains that he had no idea this message would resonate with so many people. We send our prayers and blessings to Pastor Coverstone for his courage in sharing this message and having the courage to transmit this message from God to those who will listen.

Coming to America: Financial collapse, UN troops in the streets and Washington D.C. burning

Some of the more notable passages from his explanation include scenes of a financial collapse, United Nations troops in the streets of America, military round-ups of U.S. citizens, the collapse of U.S. cities and mass death.

Many of our readers will note these visions are entirely consistent with other predictions and projections that we’ve shared based on intelligence sources. I’ve personally warned about financial collapse since 2008, and I’ve interviewed people like Dave Hodges who have consistently warned about the planned UN military invasion of the United States of America.

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3 Responses to “Pastor’s prophetic vision sees UN troops on the streets of America THIS YEAR, with entire cities destroyed and an economic collapse that plunges the nation into CHAOS”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    I’m writing this last pleading aimed at “The Unknown Watchman.” “The Watchman With No Name.” ( Remember the Clint Eastwood westerns ‘man with no name?’)

    Trying to wake up the existing independent media is a joke. I liken them to 2 corn cobs. 1 is normal non gmo very good. The other LOOKS normal, but inside something’s wrong. It’s bad. It’s weak … poison. The Unknown ( so far ) Watchman is like the good normal corn. The wet noodle excuses of watchmen we now have are like the gmo corn. They LOOK normal. SOUND masculine and Christian. But maybe way back … the seed didn’t connect right with the egg or something (?) and a ‘weakness’ that festered and metastasized over years into a milk toasty whimpish pansyism took over to the point they don’t even report THEE most important news purely out of fear of a loser calling them a name.

    So … I’m hoping some REAL man, some REAL watchman, some REAL investigative journalist will be inspired to become THEE biggest best news platform and use it to save America. Cometh the hour cometh the man. ARE you out there ? has God moved you and funded you and are you about to take up your calling at this … the last minute ???

    You’ll be more popular than Alex Jones, ( who’s a goofball who hides his cowardice behind a jar of energy pills everyday and the “show” he puts on. )

    Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is, to report the REAL news and ALL the news, some of which right now is that it’s WAY past time to restructure America into 4 or 5 new Republics, one or more for each side / group … ours being A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY, AND THE REPUBLIC OF WASHINGTON WHICH = ALL WASHINGTON STATE, NORTH HALF OF OREGON, ALL ALASKA, WEST MONTANA AND NORTH IDAHO. Sell Hawaii to Japan to pay for the restructuring and divy up the rest to Christians of all races and libtards of all races.

    Now … “Unknown Watchman” … I want you to listen carefully to the ape at the drivers window and then to the one giving the interview. HIS OWN WORDS – THEY “DEMAND” WHAT I’M SAYING AMERICA NEEDS BE DONE !!!!! Get it ??!!! THEY want it too … so why does not a single independent media outlet utter a peep about the obvious solution ? ( Think of the gmo corn example 🙂 )

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    To The Newsman With No Name : ( Should you actually exist ) –

    Your first order of the day would be to lay out a manifesto for a restructured America then present and market it. But because the fake news has dropped the ball for so long … you have some other emergencies to report right after that.

    1. ALL CEO’s and the little punk qweebs who do the deleting, of big tech and big bank like Paypal Visa Mastercard Chase ETC., must be arrested for felony violation of our rights AND organized crime under RICO and they must be sent to Gitmo + sued and owned. The little punks behind the computer screens actually doing the deleting need to be SWAT Teamed. Examples need to be made or ALL of even the new America is finished. Whether it’s Hagmanns t-shirts being taken down by Printful or Paypal cutting someone off like Youtube and Facebook do for “political thoughts that differ from theirs,” they are felons. Where are the US Marshals doing arrest sweeps on them ??????

    2. Chem trails 5 G and GMO are no light matters. We’ve become numb to them but they are still crimes BEING DONE against us. Arrest and put stops to.

    3. We – white Christian America, especially in the south – need our own SUPER NGO. Something the opposite of SPLC and The ACLU. We need … a huge well funded law firm that sues and owns scum who violates our rights AND sees to it that the scum are charged and SWAT Teamed. When big tech big bank and their useful idiot little qweebs behind computer screens do their FELONIES against us … we need an NGO to take our cases on a Class Action.

    Your work’s cut out for you sir. Whoever you are, thank you. You’re a true hero, and God Himself is on your side.

  3. One thing is clear – there are a lot of articles on this topic, but this one is the best. Others write non-interesting and dry, and read quickly and after reading there were no unnecessary questions to the author.


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