SHOCKING: Woman calls 911, screaming for help as violent mob attacks her car with a child inside, is told “City Hall has sanctioned the protests” and police can’t help

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Monday, June 29, 2020

The gun rights debate is over: Police can’t protect you. In fact, the police will be ordered to stand down, even as you are attacked by a violent, lunatic left-wing mob known as “Black Lives Matter” (actually, a group of Black Lives Terrorists).

If you want to be safe in this new world of Democrat-run cities where city leaders and police have now surrendered to left-wing terrorists groups, you need to carry a gun.

That’s the shocking reality now being felt across America as a 911 emergency call recording has emerged (see video below) where a woman is frantically screaming to a 911 operator to get help while a 911 operator tells her the violent mob has been “sanctioned by City Hall” and there’s nothing the police can do.

The caller has a child in her car and can’t escape, being surrounded by the violent mob that’s assaulting her car and creating a very dangerous, potentially life-threatening situation. Does this mean that once BLM terrorists are “sanctioned” by City Hall, they can commit any violent crimes they want with impunity?

Indeed, that seems to be the new reality in America. Black Lives Terrorists now have legal immunity to assault, rape, murder and commit arson, all without fear of any repercussions, since city leaders and city prosecutors refuse to prosecute them for their obvious crimes.

Here’s the shocking exchange between the mom making the call and the 911 operator. It should make you rethink the entire social contract of living in a city and expecting the city to fund police departments that answer the call when you’re being assaulted. The new reality? You’re f#cked, and you’re on your own. Get used to it, because the Democrats have thrown all White women under the bus of Black LIES Matter.


Mom: I’m in downtown, the protesters are blocking…

911 Operator: The city has sanctioned their protests, so we just have officers that can only monitor, they can’t do anything about it, so we recommend that you…

Mom: But we can’t, they’re blocking, get out.

911 Operator: They’re allowed to do that per City Hall so we suggest that you report this to City Hall and make your complaint there, and that way they can do something about it because right now they told our officers that we can’t do anything about it.

Mom: Are you serious?

911 Operator: We can’t do anything ma’am.

Mom: Get out of my car! You know this is gonna get dangerous, I got a kid here.

911 Operator: Yes ma’am we suggest that you call up City Hall to let them know about your frustrations.

Mom: (screaming) Get (unintelligible) This is getting scary! I cannot… my kid’s in there!

911 Operator: Take a side road or something, but yeah there’s nothing we can do…

Mom: (frantic) I can’t get out of here, okay? This is just… Oh! They’re on my car! They’re on my car! (crying)

911 Operator: Ma’am are they actually sitting on or standing on…

Mom: (Crying) They’re on my car!

— end of recording

Listen here, via, the free speech alternative to YouTube:

But wait, isn’t 911 supposed to be the reason nobody “needs” a gun?

According to anti-gun Leftists, nobody “needs” a gun because you can just call 911 and the police will quickly arrive to resolve your situation, right?

Not anymore.

Now, you call 911 as you’re being assaulted, and the 911 operator informs you that City Hall has sanctioned the violent mob that’s attacking you.

That’s how 911 now works in Democrat-run cities, where lunatic terrorist mobs have now overtaken the rule of law.

Once City Hall “sanctions” a left-wing mob, they can apparently commit crimes with impunity, as I explain in this important podcast:

So guess what? You are now your own police force, which means you need a pistol, an AR-15, spare magazines and plenty of hollow point ammo. After all, City Hall has just thrown you to the wolves, and it’s so bad now that 911 operators essentially tell you to go f#ck yourself.

If you aren’t carrying a gun right now, you’re insane. And if you’re living in a Democrat-controlled city, you must have a suicide wish.

Get out of the cities. They are in an accelerating collapse cycle, all by design of course, thanks to the lawless Leftists who want to see America plunged into chaos.

It looks like they’re getting exactly what they wished for. And as long as Democrats have any power whatsoever — in any city in America — no one is safe.

And finally, don’t forget that Democrats are also defunding the police during all this, making extra sure there’s nobody to come help you when you’re being assaulted by a crazed, violent mob of Black Lives Terrorists.

Arm up, America. Lock and load. The police will no longer respond, and the city leaders have gone all-in with the terrorists. You are now on your own, and this includes all the White female American moms who stupidly voted for Obama in 2008 and for Democrats in the last election, creating the exact situation that’s now threatening their own safety.

One Response to “SHOCKING: Woman calls 911, screaming for help as violent mob attacks her car with a child inside, is told “City Hall has sanctioned the protests” and police can’t help”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    EVERYBODY needs to use any means necessary to defend against these terrorists. The “cities that sanction” the bs are also terrorists.


    The policy for if crap like this was attempted in a new CSA, ( by hold overs who are really white libs but tried to stay, ) would be quick use of deadly force and any survivors would be deported.

    Hey sheeple : THIS is why (((they))) don’t want us to specifically have an AR 15. See the guy defending his house with the AR ? He could’ve fended off a LOT of people. Couldn’t fend off too many with a shotgun or revolver though huh ?


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