Christians Beware!!! You Will Soon Become the Number One Target of This Present Five-Step Bolshevik Revolution…(Please Support RR If possible!)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What America Will Look Like Following the Collapse of the Dollar-Five Things You Can Count On Happening. Included in this analysis is the pecking order of persecution and extermination.
The aftermath of an economic collapse can take different forms, however, history demonstrates that there are some universal things you can count on:

1. Sorosvilles –Courtesy of Antifa

During the Great Depression (1929-1941),the growing number of homeless people in America began to live in communities with cardboard boxes as their only shelter. The communities took on the name “Hooverilles” in reference to the President that most Americans blamed for the Great Depression. Today, as the economy collapses, a new homeless class will be created and they will come from the former middle class. A large number of Americans own property. This will shift to a large amount of properties will subsequently be owned by the few and America will witness the introduction of feudalism to our country. This is why the Federal reserve has been buying $40 billion dollars of mortgage backed securities every month and turned around and purchased gold. Did you know that the San Francisco, LA and now the New York City homeless shelters are filled with people that have full-time jobs? It has already started. Next month, the federal rent and mortgate protections will explode and so will the number of homeless people.

2. Dramatic Food Shortages

Nineteen food packing plants are closed. The early signs of food inflation and spot shortages are happening in the midst of the CV-19 Scamdemic.

Because of “Just In Time” deliveries, the American food industry operates on quick and multiple deliveries and survives only as the result of the rapid payment of invoices. As the failing economy reaches to service industry, most of these business will fail in very large numbers. Who then, will be delivering the food? Only a fool is not storing food and water. The new rulers of the coming new regime, in the White House, will use food as a weapon as a means to control you.

3. Food Riots

Because of the food shortages, riots and organized gang violence will occur. The military is trained to isolate these areas, but will not intervene. How do I know? Look at CHOP, formerly known as Seattle, and this is exactly what happened. In Arizona, courtesy of Gov. Ducey, one cannot go to the gym, but it is ok if Antifa riots while looting, buring and murdering in which social distancing is not followed.

If you call 911, nobody will be answering. It is already happening in places like Atlanta. The semblance of civilization is evaporating. This will be the time that you wished you had listened to many in the alternative media because this is the time that America will begin to see a large loss of life. If you are not prepping, you are preparing to die.

4. Persecution of Christians

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2 Responses to “Christians Beware!!! You Will Soon Become the Number One Target of This Present Five-Step Bolshevik Revolution…(Please Support RR If possible!)”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Don’t talk about the flashing neon red 10,000 lb elephant in the room. Focus on ANYTHING BUT it.

  2. BanjoGuy

    Dear RR readers,

    Dave has made numerous comments about a Red Dawn scenario with the Chicomms just across the boarder in Mexico. I dont see this as a realistic situation. HOWEVER, why send chinese soldiers here, when 1% of the afro-american population is at least 4 million, so why not arm these people with chinese automatic weapons….. which was recently discovered – several thousand automatic weapons smuggled into the USA for use by current protestors……


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