More Concrete Evidence of an Intended Purge Against Conservative Americans by the Would-Be Biden Administration

Sunday, June 28, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, June 28, 2020

enemies. The two key officials are former Presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, and former Senior White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Both prominent Democrats are proven criminals and both are reportedly being considered as a running mate for Joe Biden, or at minimum as senior level cabinet officials. .

The statements of these two Democrats signal an intention to commit a purge against American conservatives for whom these two perceive as political opposition. The current and past statements of these two Democratic women are very Gestapo-like and should make every American shudder in this shoes.

When one considers the threat of a purge against conservative Americans who dared to oppose the communist politics of these two, one has to decide how much weight to give tho their statements. Below, an analysis is provided to the communist threat posed by these two public figures. When one considers Biden’s recent threat to classify Christians as terrorists, it is time to take seriously the real possibility that a purge will take place if and when the Democrats (ie communists) take control of the White House.

Kamala Harris Threatening to Hunt Down Political Opponents When Democrats Take Back the White House

The following has been vetted and it is so disturbing because this statement comes from a sitting United States Senator and the former Attorney General of California. Clearly Harris’ statement promises revenge on those who supported Trump as they will be hunted down, a purge-to-come if you will.

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3 Responses to “More Concrete Evidence of an Intended Purge Against Conservative Americans by the Would-Be Biden Administration”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Trump better hurry and :

    1. Extend ‘extra’ unemployment till late October
    2. Blast out one last stimulus check for $2k
    3. Use NSA, FBI, Homeland Security and Fusion Center data to identify every last terrorist, ( the apes and white apes, ) sweep in arrest and off to Gitmo with them.
    4. Use FULL MILITARY force against the ‘terrorists.’
    5. Be ready for the freaks pulling some coordinated attack(s) on July 4th with help from Kushners buddy – Soros.
    6. Probably BS like a lot of stuff on Z3news, but listen regarding September and Novermber :
    7. Step up the arrests of deep state filth all down every level.
    8. Quickly build wall and deport 30 + million 3rd world darkies.
    9. Pray hourly. Get real serious about praying hourly.
    10. Seize Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal for RICO felonies against we the people. Arrest all CEO’s and accomplices down every level of the criminal organizations … and off to Gitmo with them.
    11. Import 10 + million white Christian immigrants from South Africa ( where apes are murdering whites daily, ) based on need. If 10 million aren’t available draw from white European Christians.

  2. Robert Edward Lee


  3. Robert Edward Lee

    PS TRUMP –

    12. Have a nice edited fireside chat with we the people explaining a lot of things, esp what BS the Covidn crap is and what the deep state agenda is.

    At the top of the pyramid is Satan. As it goes down … all the useful idiots are layered and compartmentalized. You and your team MUST beat them FAST. You can ONLY do this with Gods help. YOU are The President. HE put you there. HE will listen to your requests. Repent, then request HIS will be done through you. Then watch as HE … ABSOLUTELY KICKS DEEP STATE ASS !!!!!!!!

    You think Rambo Last Blood was great ? God will “take out the trash” 1000 times better than that.
    Please sir. We’ve got our ( non gmo ) popcorn ready. All we’re all waiting on is YOU.


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