Black Lives Matter Militants Storm Target Store in DC, Threaten to Shut Business Down if They Don’t Comply with Demands (VIDEOS)

Sunday, June 28, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Cristina Laila
June 28, 2020

Black Lives Matter militants stormed a Target store this weekend threatening to shut down their business if they didn’t comply with the mob’s demands.

It appears this mob is taking direct orders from Black Lives Matter Leader Hawk Newsome who issued a terroristic threat last week on live broadcast.

Newsome said if the US doesn’t give Black Lives Matter what they want, they will burn down the system.

“All black people, living around this neighborhood, living around in this neighborhood, because you prioritize money over people, so until you stop calling the police, we continue to shut your business down,” one of the terrorists said in a megaphone.


BLM militants marched into a Target store in Columbia Heights and demanded they stop calling the police on black people…or else.


“Until you stop calling the police, we’ll continue to shut your business down,” they chanted before marching away.


Watch the full, uncut 7-minute video:

4 Responses to “Black Lives Matter Militants Storm Target Store in DC, Threaten to Shut Business Down if They Don’t Comply with Demands (VIDEOS)”

  1. laura ann

    Target management is leftists anyway, shoplifting is a police issue for anyone doing it. Target workers need to quit their jobs and stay safe. Best these stores leave cities where vandalism and harrassment occurs.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Trump needs to use full FBI Homeland and US Military on the apes. Listen Trump ( cause I know you or your advisors read this, ) think how hard it would be if the terrorists snuck out in onezees twozees andn boom boom … did their thing and shot back in the shadows. Fortunately they don’t do that. Instead, like the dummies they are, they come out in big easily surroundable crowds.

    So … surround and surprise attack.

    If you keep allowing the apes to run wild, America will fall apart and you won’t get re elected AND your legacy will be terrible.

    Fire piece of S Kushner. Fire all non patriots around you.
    Take charge sir.

  3. GaletonLiberty

    The insurrection and sedition act needs to be fully implemented against these culls. Where is the support for law abiding citizens. Where is TRUMP and the decision to take back our liberties from these marxists…

  4. Dave

    Just lock the wannabe Nazis inside, in a way in which they cannot exit, and pump that big(shit)box store slap fugging full of CN gas about 3 times a day for a week, and I’m sure the emerging morons won’t be too inclined to try that again. Also, live stream the cameras from inside the store during the CN gas delousing/decrabbing process – it will become the most sensational reality show of all time… That CN is awesome shit!

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