America is a Failed State In the Midst of Total Collapse- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges

Thursday, June 25, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Thursday, June 25, 2020

I recently interviewed Mike Adams about his recent article in which he stated “America is a failed state”. In the interview, Mike Adams expanded upon the this notion. Indeed, America is in a lot of trouble and soon, all Americans could be totally on their own. This interview will upset many, especially those who refuse to see the dangers and how much of America our enemies have already taken over. We are about to enter a period of mass casualty events and we cover it all here in this interview, which can be accessed by clicking this link.

7 Responses to “America is a Failed State In the Midst of Total Collapse- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    I’ve identified the sequence of components that would lead a normal non pussy true investigative news journalist white Christian MAN … alpha warrior or not, but at least “watchman, sentinel, founder, Clint Eastwood ( man with no name, ) types” to truth and solutions.

    1. Having BEEN informed … having BEEN down the rabbit hole for 10 + years.

    2. Being STREETWISE.

    3. Being the one guy with child like honesty that says, “the king’s naked.”

    4. Seeing what’s happening now across America and near their doorstep.

    5. Reporting / sounding alarms “truthfully.”

    6. Carefully considering SOLUTIONS and discussing those with other “watchmen / sentinels” privately at first … in a ‘think tank like environment.’

    7. Creating a manifesto on the best chosen SOLUTION and dishing it out to other non pussy “watchmen / sentinels” for mass marketing on a certain chosen very near date.

    8. Launching solution manifesto nationwide.

    Here’s where ‘news hobbyists’ screw up. They don’t do # 3. They do # 5 half way. They STOP AT # 6 and go no further.

    Again … most news hobbyists are good guys. Maybe being a watchman / sentinel isn’t their calling. Okay. So America’s toast if SOMEONE doesn’t step up to the plate and start a REAL news platform and DO 1 through 8 right quick !!!

    This John Mark kid and his buddy, aren’t doing it right because (((they))) can still drive right into our zones nor whatever … but at least it’s the beginning of a way past due conversation.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    White Christian patriots and similar other whites, need our own country. The blacks and browns and self hating dumbed-down whites that choose to emulate the lowest of the human species and choose to embed monkey noise ( hip hop, ) in their 50 IQ heads, are actually DEMANDING their own country too !!!! It’s win win. The timing is perfect for a white news man to present the solution.

    When creating a concept Confederacy 2.0, be sure to remember to include provisions to absolutely insure none of this BS can happen there, AND use NSA and Fusion Center info to pinpoint aallll the “white niggers,” rioting with the apes and aalll the companies that support the “terrorists” so they are all denied citizenship in the new CSA.

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Picture a news hobbyist that builds a brick wall at the end of his driveway … so he can NEVER drive out onto the street. Everytime he gets in his car and starts to drive out … he can only go so far, then has to “turn around.” But HE built the wall HIMSELF. HE could choose to tear it down himself, anytime he wants.

    But he doesn’t.

    This is like EVERY SINGLE NEWS HOBBYISTS TODAY. They report certain news … to a point. But then they’ve allowed the enemies to create a psychological barrier … that they can go no further. When they get to the worst part of what’s happening, the next step of which would be to broadcast solutions … there’s that invisible wall. THEY allowed evil scum to put it there. THEY could tear it down or burst through it anytime they want.

    But they don’t.

    They turn around and start covering other news or other angles on what’s happening. As if they’ve been PROGRAMMED. Actually they’ve “allowed” themselves to be PROGRAMMED.

    America needs a real man to burst through the wall and get the solutions out.

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Last chance you f&cking news homos. Break through the wall in your own weak wet noodle minds and become damn men and get the solution out to the public you punks you. If not … worse than this will make its way to YOUR front doors. You NOT presenting THE 2nd Confederacy solution is the same as the guy who stands by while his wife gets raped and beaten by a black and wigger mob giving the excuse Christians aren’t violent, just to cover for his own cowardice. Stop covering for YOUR own cowardice. SHOUT THE DAMN SOLUTION OUT IF YOU’RE NOT A PIECE OF S&IT –

  5. Robert Edward Lee

    Hey “watchmen,” 🙂 have any of you searched The Epoch Times to read the little bio off to the right before promoting them to sheeple ? They’re founded by a fake religion. Look for yourselves.

  6. Robert Edward Lee

    Hey dummy. News hobbyists love to say, “don’t let (((them))) divide us.”

    We’re already naturally divided. God didn’t make races to live together. It’s not only obvious to anyone with a brain but multicultural societies NEVER worked out without Civil War YOU DUMB ASSES YOU !!!

    The BS line that “the nwo is using race to divide us” is not only a joke, but it’s an easy cop out for hobbyists to not present the perfect survival solution : an all white ethno state.

    Here’s ANOTHER dip&hit –

  7. Robert Edward Lee

    Hey news pansys. I have the perfect guilt diversion for you. BIGFOOT !

    When you know deep inside you should be covering the SOLUTION but you’re too much of a pussy to suggest an all white ethno state … just revert all the way back to the 90’s and cover the latest on Bigfoot. Then … work your way up to gmo then chem trails … finally 5 g and by then either your neighborhoods will be toast “or” it’ll all be over, and no one will notice you didn’t do your jobs. 🙂 Bigfoot man. That’s your distraction.

    You’re welcome

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