Chinese Strategy and the Solar Minimum…(Must Read…)

Monday, June 22, 2020
By Paul Martin
June 20, 2020

“Global warming has always been followed by deep cooling within regular two-century cycles.


What they didn’t tell you, what they won’t tell you, what their active measures were designed to conceal from you, is the significance of the coming solar minimum. If we want to understand China’s strategic timing, in terms of destabilizing actions and military preparations, the coming solar minimum needs to be taken into account.

What is the solar minimum?

It involves a cyclical weakening of the Sun’s electromagnetic field, resulting in a more intense bombardment of the oceans by cosmic rays, increasing the formation of low-level clouds that can reflect up to 60 percent of the Sun’s heat. The effects on weather would include more frequent spring flooding and a shortened growing season in northern latitudes. There would follow, from these and other effects, a significant decrease in world food production.

The Russian government knows all about this. The Chinese government also knows. And both these governments have been preparing, in secret. Already the weather has caused crop losses in China (masked by talk of COVID-19-related losses). Meanwhile, the West has been swindled with an active measure called “anthropogenic global warming science.” In fact, “anthropogenic global warming theory” is pseudo-science. Some who promoted this pseudo-science were agents of Moscow. Others were “useful idiots.”

Contrary to the prevailing narrative, global warming is a cyclical phenomenon — as Dr. Abdussamatov explained in his 2009 paper. Anthropogenic global warming dogmatists have slandered Dr. Abdussamatov, calling him a “hack.” Yet his credit runs high in Kremlin circles. A few years ago, when asked about global warming, Russian President Putin said, “I believe in global cooling.” Putin supports the Uzbek-born astronomer’s assertions, in which the following facts are underscored:

“…the eleven-year and two-century cycles of identical and synchronized variations of luminosity, sunspot activity and diameter of the Sun, is one of the most reliably ascertained facts in solar physics.

The climate of the Earth has always been periodically changing and our planet has already experienced several global warmings, similar to the one we [now] observe. Global warming has always been followed by deep cooling….

In 2015 Abdussamatov published a paper in Thermal Science, titled “Earth is now entering its 19th little ice age.” The Russian government put Abdussamatov in charge of all solar experiments conducted on the International Space Station. Russian scientists and government officials know the Sun is the number one causal factor when it comes to climate. And they know the Sun, like the solar system itself, operates cyclically. They also know we are about to enter the 25th solar cycle, which they believe will bring a decade of colder temperatures.

Are the Russians right?

Australian researcher David Archibald agrees with the Russians. His book is titled Twilight of Abundance: Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short. Archibald cites scientific evidence that a solar minimum is upon us. We are just now reaching the end of a warm period. But this was no ordinary warm period. “From 1930 to 2010,” writes Archibald, “the world’s population increased by 250 percent while world grain production increased 392 percent.” In other words, we have lived through the greatest period of prosperity in man’s history; but now, due to changes in the Sun, our luck is going to run out.

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