Prophetic Dreams and Matching Eyewitness Accounts Foretell an Imminent Chinese-Led Red Dawn Invasion of America

Thursday, June 18, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Thursday, June 18, 2020

Both Prophetic dreams, from multiple people, as well as first hand eyewitness accounts reveal that the CHICOMS are preparing to strike deep into the interior of the United States. This is Red Dawn invasion that I have spoken of ever since Obama rolled out the Jade Helm 15 exercises.

This article is divided into two parts. First, a small representation of dreams and visions are offered. Second, eyewitness accounts which match the dreams will comprise the second part of the article.

Prophetic Dreams and Visions

Dear Dave, I read your stories of prophetic dreams. I just had such dream. The streets of America that ran into Washington DC were filled crosses on both sides of the road where Christians had been hung. Everyone of the Christians had their bellies cut open and their kidneys were ripped out. There were millions of crosses. In my dream, the Chinese were going house-to-house and shooting anyone and everyone on sight. I have this dream often. I am Black, but all the people on the cross were white. I am not a prejudiced person but I swear all the people that were crucified were white people. God help us, Dave. Bless you sir.

This came into my comment section on The Common Sense Show this morning:

“I am a 67 year old black woman and I have been researching since 2001 the New World Order and what is going on in the world. I see what is really happening here very plainly. There is concern about police brutality, but I see more blacks on black killing far more than the police and there is no marching, protesting, looting and violence. I grew up with racism and it is true in some respects years ago, but I believe that there should be the same rules for these thugs killing each other, murder is murder. I don’t see police killing 2-3yr olds. This is a set up for the UN to come in and the NWO, it is stupid to disband the police department lawlessness will surely happen they know this 5 blacks shot by blacks here last night, nothing said.

This last two accounts, one a dream and the other an observation, are very interesting to me. The first communication speaks to the brutal crucifixion of “white Christians” along with the participation of the CHICOMS and certainly, the United Nations has a hand in all of this according to these two accounts.

“This precisely matches a repetitive dream I have had multiple times which contains the same elements as do the previous two communications. Because my dream is timely and applicable to the topic, I am publishing it again.

In my dream, I see TV reports from CNN that America is being retaliated against for its previous imperialist ways. The attacks are very similar to what I have reported is coming through a Red Dawn invasion. The country has descended into civil war. The Chinese and the Russians have invaded and they are all wearing the blue helmets of the United Nations. People fear the Russians, but nothing strikes terror in the hearts of Americans more than the Communist Chinese. They are entering entire towns and villages and executing everyone. They kill US citizens in a couple of ways. They shoot them on sight. However, when they have a gathering of citizens behind town square type of quickly erected detention facilities, they are beheading people in order to preserve their organs which they subsequently procure. In the dream, I see these event from a third person aerial view. Sometimes in the dream, my spiritual observation presence is detected by the Chinese by some esoteric means and I am forced to flee from the site.

What I have learned is that there is no surrendering to CHICOMS. In the dream the Russians and the cartels are major threats to many communities. However, there is not an intent to exterminate everyone. These Chinese are committed to genocide on a fanatical basis! They immediately execute all prisoners and all citizens of occupied territories as they destroy America. Behind the advancing Chinese armies, I see truckloads of colonists following them to their new American homes and they possess the homes and rebuild the homes that have been damaged. They bring their Chinese pictures and they include family members and photos of ruling Chinese politicians and generals.

Then the dream shifts to my community. I live in a rural desert community about 20 miles north of far northwest suburban Phoenix. There is only one way in or out. In the dream, my community is organized politically and militarily. We have repulsed incursions from cartel members with extreme prejudice. We have erected barriers around our communities. We have also created weapons and food storehouses a few miles in either direction of our community in case of an attack and people have to flee for their lives. We are aware that the Chinese are taking no prisoners and are committed to two strategies, death in combat and bugging out. We know that we will not allow ourselves to be taken prisoner. As horrific as it sounds, we have trained very young children to shoot guns thinking it is would better that they die defending themselves rather than being taken. My neighbor said he would murder his children rather than have them taken.

My dream shifts from a third person aerial view to first person. We eliminated a CHICOM patrol that we ambushed in our area, but we know that a main force would be coming. Our communications is jammed and we know they are definitely on their way. Then I am in the middle of a firefight with my neighbor Jim. We have sent our families away and we were covering their bugging out. Some people are stupidly trying to hide in their homes. Jim and I are the only ones left that we can see. We witness a CHICOM tank coming down our very long street. The tank fires one shell into a home. Then we see rabid CHICOM soldiers running into houses and the pattern is the same. We hear screams, shooting and silence and we see the CHICOMS running out with “booty”.

I find myself screaming at Jim that we need to go now. He wants to stay and fight. I desperately want to flee. Finally, Jim agrees we make a run for it, but we are cut off and then concealment is our only option. Then we see a CHICOM vehicle with a microwave device on it. The CHICOMS are looking for stragglers with the device. We know that it will not be long until we are detected. The CHICOM soldier operating the microwave looks away from his device and looks directly at me and we are spotted. Then then dream stops.

The Rest…HERE

2 Responses to “Prophetic Dreams and Matching Eyewitness Accounts Foretell an Imminent Chinese-Led Red Dawn Invasion of America”

  1. SF Mo

    That would consolidate Americans in a hurry. FYI Snipers should use 15″ to 16″ for shoulder mil width when using your mildot scopes. Happy Hunting!

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Present solutions or, “get a job.”

    You might’ve been abducted and MKUltra’d without knowing it. Programmed to spew out advice to 1. Run, 2. Adapt, 3. Give up.

    We would nuke the s&it out of chinkland ok. Now focus on an all white big super Confederacy 2.

    Good friggin grief.


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