It’s Spreading: Antifa-Black Lives Matter Protesters Set Up Illegal Autonomous Zone on Plaza at Tennessee State Capitol (VIDEO)

Monday, June 15, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Jim Hoft
June 15, 2020

It’s spreading.
Anti-police Black Lives Matter – Antifa protesters took over the plaza in front of the capitol building in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday. The group proclaimed it an “autonomous zone” like the CHAZ compound in Seattle. About 50 protesters are camping out in the plaza in front of the capitol building.

The group renamed the plaza “Ida B. Wells Plaza.”

More photos from the plaza:

This come two weeks after leftists torched the historic courthouse in Nashville.

However, Tennessee is NOT Washington.
Tennessee Governor Bill Lee already told the mob the autonomous zone “will not be tolerated.”

Via PJMedia:

4 Responses to “It’s Spreading: Antifa-Black Lives Matter Protesters Set Up Illegal Autonomous Zone on Plaza at Tennessee State Capitol (VIDEO)”

  1. laura ann

    None of these morons hold a job or have any responsibilities, either welfare leeches or living off parents.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    It’s all for one and one for all or we’re finished. EVERY informed white person MUST drill into the heads of ALL your peers … it’s way past time to stop kissing ass. Apes with IQ’s of 50, shower shoes, pants down butt hand on wee wee, ( trying to keep it PG-13 here, ) and earphone blasting monkey noise into their drugged heads have BEEN ALLOWED TO run wild and rape rob burn and kill.

    Why ? How ? Simple. Whites have been brainwashed into feeling fake guilt by being called ‘racist.’ Well pansy ass whites, look up the word racism in a paper dictionary published prior to about 1990. You’ll see it has nothing to do with hate. You’ll see that based on the actual definition, YES we’re all racists. Anyone with a brain and life experiences no matter what race they are, are ‘racists !’

    In general, whites ARE superior to blacks and browns. Of COURSE there are a few exceptions of superior blacks / inferior whites … but the big world macro view is obvious. 1. White. 2. Brown. 3. Black. period end of story. GOD made it like that. It has zero to do with you or your ancestors 3 % of whom might’ve owned slaves.

    Every black in America would be hunting tonights dinner with a spear were it not for their ancestors being brought here !!!

    Stand up and fight. FIRST fight the white ( wigger ) trash that joins the apes. They are the lowest vermin at the bottom of an outhouse toilet !!!

    Contact ALL representatives and DEMAND they send in full military and destroy these “terrorists.”

    Hire whites promote whites buy from whites move to white areas IN THE SOUTH.


  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Hey … wet noodle pansy whites … listen –

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Hey … brainwashed pathetic whites … watch –


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