Stunning Revelations About the True Nature of the Organizations That Are Destroying America

Saturday, June 13, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, June 13, 2020

The attempt to eviscerate the republic of the United States is beginning to take shape. To the average person, they see a montage of unrelated events which are making life miserable.

The intent of this terrorist-inspired barrage of unnatural events on the American people is as follows:

1.To destroy law and order as well as promote extreme social instability.
2.Remove the Constitution as the ruling authority.
3.Release inmates to swell the ranks of Antifa’s terrorists as well as promote an atmosphere of extreme societal danger.
4.Remove executive control of the government from the President to Big Pharma.
5.Remove the military from under the control of the President, thus making a coup or assassination much more likely. This is the same strategy used on JFK before his assassination where JFK lost control of the Joint Chiefs as well as the CIA. JFK never had control of the CIA. And part of the revolution is being directed by the CIA and the Mossad with regard to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
6.Promote depopulation strategies through 5G and mandatory CV-19 Bill Gates vaccines.
7.Covid-19 has created so much fear among the masses that we see people wearing face masks while driving along in their cars. This is the greatest psyop in world history!
8.The cumulative effect of these events is to weaken America until and external attack can succeed. The military has fallen into the trap of believing that Trump is their enemy when in actuality, the military is playing right into the hands of the globalists. In the final days of the overthrow and subsequent invasion of the United States, the military and political leaders of this country will be executed. I call it the “Brown Shirt Effect” in which traitors to a previous regime are case aside when they no longer serve the role of “useful idiots”. If you think I am forecasting the execution of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and all the Joint Chiefs, you are correct. Nearly every revolution casts aside their original supporters because of some of them will invariably get cold feet as they witness the unfolding of the massive purge that will eventually consume America after it is conquered. In short, Brown Shirt traitors cannot be trusted, they can only be used until their mission is complete. It is very likely that you will share a FEMA coffin (made for four people) with the likes of Cuomo and Pelosi.
9.In ravaged areas of America, both present and future, we will witness the rise of the Somalian-style war lords as we descend into a state of complete anarchy which will provide the excuse for the United Nations to enter our country with a multi-national force under the pretense of following the Kigali Principles. In occupied Seattle, we are already seeing a war lord ruling over the occupied territory.

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3 Responses to “Stunning Revelations About the True Nature of the Organizations That Are Destroying America”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    YOU gave them the $$$ to do this by buying from them …

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Here’s a birthday present to President Trump. It’s a simple plan to MAGA –

    1. Fire all swamp filth starting with those around / advising you.
    2. HURRY and extend enhanced unemployment till end of October.
    3. Send 1 final stimulus check for $1500. each person.
    * #’s 2 & 3 will stave off riots that will make these look like a rough day at the beach.
    4. Plan with trusted advisors, to put together a large force of WHITE special forces ( exempt blacks so they’re not face to face with their “cuz” in some of the cities, ) to surround and surprise attack the “terrorists.” ( Don’t call them ‘domestic terrorists’ either. ) Strip survivors of their citizenship and deport them to Africa. Do as many cities at once as you can logistically. Start with the worst ones like Seattle.
    5. Make mass arrests during the confusion 🙂 Arrest Soros too.
    6. Kick Kushner out … have a talk with daughter !!!!!!!
    7. STOP chem trailing, 5 G, GMO, fluoride and asset forfeiture.
    8. Don’t bail out the blue cities / states.
    9. Leave China alone. Let them HAVE Taiwan. We don’t care.
    10. Build the wall and deport 30 + million illegals starting with Muslims.
    11. Crash the dollar and make a new metals backed one. Nesara / gesara ?

    Remember sir … aalllll the apes and wiggers raping robbing and burning ( just like in South Africa, ) never have and never will vote for you.

    Have a happy birthday sir, and thank you for being there.

    PS : PRAY HOURLY !!!

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    PS TRUMP : The apes will have to SEE a few cities be attacked and terrorists destroyed before it sinks in to their 50 IQ minds, that it’s over. They have become VERY VERY emboldened by excuses of authorities bowing and worshiping them. Big scummy corporations have donated 1.7 billion to BLM. ( They should be arrested for funding terrorism. )

    Things will calm down and your base will give you high ratings like never before when you kick the terrorists ass. Think Rambo – Last Blood. The apes have to SEE Rambo tactics in action. They’re really a bunch of pussies looking for soft targets. WHEN they SEE your forces working their way to THEIR cities … the riots will stop immediately.


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