Antifa Militia Wing Wants ‘Complete Abolition’ Of System; Coached Undercover Veritas Journo To Deny Affiliation

Tuesday, June 9, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden
Tue, 06/09/2020

Project Veritas has released their third installment of #ExposeANTIFA, after undercover journalists infiltrated the leftist movement to expose their violent tactics.

In their latest, Veritas has released footage of their 2018 infiltration into Antifa’s Shelby, North Carolina self-described “above ground militant formation” known as Redneck Revolt, or the “John Brown gun club” – a ‘militia wing’ of Antifa founded in June, 2016 which claims to have 30 branches nationwide.

“They share the Antifa ideology and it can be shared by many different groups,” said the journalist. “Typically, Antifa that you see on TV are the ones that are dressed all in black… You know, and they go and throw rocks or bricks and start trouble.”

“This particular group sees themselves as armed revolutionaries. They’re all about the working class. You know, so they share this communist anarchist ideal that the working class should run the country with no government. And they believe in total abolition of everything, including the police.”

The group’s outward facing mission is to oppose “white supremacy,” while also espousing anti-capitalist, anti-wealth rhetoric with calls for “militant resistance” and “revolution,” according to Far Left Watch. The group recruits at gun shows and community events, “contributing to the far left anarchist website It’s Going Down, and conducting armed anti-Trump demonstrations.”

But what’s most alarming are the resources they provide on their website. They promote several PDFs that endorse “armed struggle” and even offer a 36 page “Mini-Manual Of The Urban Guerrilla” (bottom right of resource page) which pictures left-wing militants using RPGs and outlines tactics for guerrilla warfare including sections on “sabotage”, “kidnapping”, “executions”, “armed propaganda”, and “terrorism”. -Far Left Watch.

“I hate the NRA. The NRA is a white supremacist terrorist organization,” said Paul Ditz, former leader of Redneck Revolt in footage captured by the undercover Veritas journalist – who was able to gain a foothold into the group after reaching out via Facebook messenger.

“They believe in total abolition of everything, including the police,” said the journalist, who added that after a day at the gun range, former Redneck Revolt member Matt (a.k.a. “Clyde”) began quizzing her on what she would do if asked about her affiliation with the group.

“If an officer of the state came to the door and asked you questions about your political ideology and people you associate with, how would you respond?” asked Matt.

“I would say no,” she replied.

“If you were tabling a gun show and someone loudly accused you of being a terrorist or part of Antifa, how would you handle it?” Matt then asked.

Ultimately the group cut ties with the PV journalist after they discovered she endorsed a sheriff over social media, telling her that she was no longer welcome to attend gatherings due to posing a “security risk.”


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