Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives was orchestrated in advance of the attempted Marxist uprising in order to create the false appearance that EVERYONE is with the rioters

Monday, June 8, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Monday, June 08, 2020

For the past several years, every major social media platform has been systematically “canceling” all of the loudest voices contradicting the leftist narrative. And as we can all now see with the George Floyd riots, this was purposely done well in advance to make it seem as though the entire world is now on board with the “Black Lives Matter” Marxist agenda.

As the world has been waiting in social isolation for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to pass, the powers that be appear to have been waiting themselves for precisely this moment in time to launch a new global black power campaign. And now that it is in motion, many, if not most, of the voices that previously would have warned people not to fall for this latest psy-op no longer have a formidable online presence.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which many would consider to be the “big three” when it comes to social media powerhouses, have all become bully pulpits for anti-white programming. Users are being pressured and coerced into changing their profile pictures to black boxes or sharing the latest “white privilege” memes with their friends and family members.

Everywhere you look, in other words, there are endless messages about ending “systemic racism,” abolishing the police, and basically overthrowing President Trump and replacing our constitutional republic with “social justice” communism. And this was all teed-up years ago when Silicon Valley really started to snipe rational conservative voices from participating in the conversation.

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how all of this has created a new “untouchables” class of people who are free to riot and loot without consequence:

Why doesn’t anyone care when white people are brutalized by police?

One of the few conservative voices that still remains is Candace Owens, who recently took to social media to decry all of this newfound worship of George Floyd, a criminal felon who hardly deserves the praise and worship he is now receiving.

While the violence inflicted upon him appears to have been excessive and unwarranted, the media and the left are glorifying this man as if he was some kind of national hero when, in fact, he was a violent criminal who threatened to murder a pregnant woman, among other crimes.

There is also still no concrete evidence that this case was even motivated by racism, seeing as how police brutality affects people of all races on a regular basis. Take the case of Tony Timpa, as one prominent example, a white man who was killed by police in almost the exact same way that the media claims George Floyd was killed.

But unlike with Floyd’s case, the officers who killed Timpa were never charged or in any way held accountable. Because this particular instance of police brutality took place against a white man, the media ignored it, there were never any protests, and the world kept on turning.

It is precisely this selective outrage and reporting that proves there is no actual conspiracy when it comes to police brutality specifically against blacks. If anything, rogue police officers have harmed and killed more white victims than black victims, and without consequence, because nobody seems to care or even know when a white person is brutalized by law enforcement.

Big Tech is a big part of the problem as it has not only silenced many of the alternative voices that would dare to tell the other side of the story, but also steered social media users into believing and following a different narrative that centers around race. And this is all apparently being done to strip what few freedoms Americans still have and replace them with totalitarian communism.

4 Responses to “Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives was orchestrated in advance of the attempted Marxist uprising in order to create the false appearance that EVERYONE is with the rioters”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Blacks, browns, muslims, gays, men in women’s bodies, ( eg., women doing mens jobs like representative, judge, prosecuting attorney, police or in charge of men in military and prisons, ) snow flakes safe spacers, Marxist Leninist commie punks, all democrats, any white person rioting with the apes, ANY WHITE INFORMED MAN OR WOMAN WHO ACTS PC AND CLAIMS NOT TO BE RACIST ( THUS WORSHIPING THE NEW GOD THE NEW RELIGION = LICK SHOES OF MONKEYS WITH PANTS DOWN BUTT HAND ON WEE WEE AND IQ BELOW 50, ) whites who think we can vote our way out of this, whites who are against a 2nd Confederacy.


    White Christian patriots, informed and brave, ready to discuss how to rebuild a bigger better all white Confederacy because see what’s happened and is happening. Yes we’re racist, ( which does NOT mean hate like the fake definition (((they))) changed on all devices, ) which means we can clearly see on a macro global scale the pecking order is white brown black. Other than whites are NOT created by God as equals to us, and we refuse to bow to a zero with shower shoes and pants down butt that can’t put 2 sentences together.

    There’s 2 sides. Choose your.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Need a little push to decide if you’ld rather live in a freak show that worships shower shoe wearing pants down butt having apes, or in a modern version of Mayberry / 1950’s America ? here …

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    And here. And as you look at THIS one, ask yourself if you’ve EVER heard ANY watchman, 🙂 advise you on drone and drone swarm defense …

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    I’m sorry, but some of you are ssoooo pansy’ish, you’ll need yet another tiny push. Here … here’s some of the swamp filth practicing the new religion …


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