Federal LEO On the Scene of Race Riots, Tells All!

Sunday, June 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, June 8, 2020

Federal LEO On the Scene of Race Riots, Tells All!

3 Responses to “Federal LEO On the Scene of Race Riots, Tells All!”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Still still stiiillll not a peep about Confederacy 2.0 🙂

    Dumb unto death ….

    Antiracism is the new religion. For awhile it was Global Warming. Now it’s this … and to be ‘baptized’ into it you, “must do an overt act to prove you’re not racist.”

    Sheeple … look up the word racism in an older paper dictionary. One before 1990. Then look it up on your device. (((They))) changed the meaning of the word. You’re being played. You’re being pimped.

    Blacks and browns are NOT equal by Gods doing. God isn’t random. There’s a reason every black is black.

    Look at this swamp doo doo –


  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Notice the trend in pushing inter racial couples ? Especially black with white girl. It’s in movies, commercials, ads … dating site ads EVERYWHERE !!!

    The movie ‘Buffaloed’ is a perfect example of far left possessed Hollywood Jews sneaking their filth down the throats of the young dumb uninformed generations. The HUGE message in the film isn’t a porch monkey with an dumb white girl. It’s “NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN HER LIFE SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT HIM BEING BLACK !!!” Not the mom, the brother, the friends, etc. No one. So dingy young flunkies walk away from this with ANOTHER little far left message – to say anything would be racist. And racist is baaaaad. 🙂

    Teach your loved ones to be on the watch for these messages.
    It’s wrong for a white girl to be with a black or brown man. No normal good Romeo will want you after you’ve been with one … so who does that leave that will STILL date you ???

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    All homo’s against Confederacy 2 watch this … you scummy pansys you. Afraid of one of these monkeys calling you a NAME ???????????????



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