Minneapolis Mayor Asks for National Guard After Night of Riots and Fires Over Police Killing of George Floyd

Thursday, May 28, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Kristinn Taylor
Published May 28, 2020

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) has asked Governor Tim Walz (D) to deploy National Guard troops after riots broke out and fires set in south Minneapolis during protests over the videotaped police killing Monday of George Floyd by an officer kneeling on his neck until he was dead. Floyd was arrested on suspicion of “forgery in progress”.

George Floyd.

This building is burning to the ground in Minneapolis. The whole block is on fire. There are homes nearby. Looting is still on-going. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #antifa pic.twitter.com/dc75bAt48s

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) May 28, 2020

Four officers involved in Floyd’s arrest were fired Tuesday but not charged or arrested, adding fuel to the anger of the protesters. Numerous stores including a Target and AutoZone were looted and/or set on fire. A residential complex under construction that reportedly was set to be 190 units of affordable housing was also set ablaze. There was also a report an alleged looter was shot dead by a pawn shop owner.

Frey posted a statement very early Thursday morning begging protesters to behave peacefully, “Please, Minneapolis, we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy. The area along Lake has become unsafe. We are asking for your help in keeping the peace tonight.”

Frey also told the media, according to Star Tribune reporter Liz Navratil via Twitter:

“He continued: “We appreciate those that protested peacefully but now is the time to go home. Obviously, we have both instances of violence and fires. There are institutions, grocery stores and markets around Lake, that our community relies on…especially in times of a pandemic.”

“Yes, we’re reeling. We are reeling, and I understand the anger and pain, and we need the public’s help in keeping the peace tonight. We need that in order to get through this together.”

“Frey said he has been in touch with the governor’s office and has requested assistance from the state. “We’ve spoken several times. We’re receiving assistance in the form of state patrol. I have requested the National Guard as well.”

Gov. Walz posted his own plea for calm, “The situation near Lake Street and Hiawatha in Minneapolis has evolved into an extremely dangerous situation. For everyone’s safety, please leave the area and allow firefighters and paramedics to get to the scene.”

Videos and photos from the riots:

Early Thursday morning and the fires and looting are out of control:


4 Responses to “Minneapolis Mayor Asks for National Guard After Night of Riots and Fires Over Police Killing of George Floyd”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    1. That cop and the other flunkies with him, should be arrested and charged with murder. He is a total piece of S and murdered that black man.

    2. 99 % of the protesters are a bunch of porch monkeys looking for ANY opportunity to loot. THEY should be arrested too. Blacks – for those non streetwise whites – do NOT stick up for each other or help each other out in the hood. But when a white does something it’s suddenly a big fake act like they stick together.

    3. Blacks are a different “species” of human. They belong in Africa.

  2. SF Mo

    And they will show no remorse unless the get caught.

  3. Dave

    Yes, murderer and accomplices, and since it was carried out under the ‘color of law’, the murderer should receive a nice fair, speedy trial, and then handed over to the community for his punishment. Stand on HIS fugging neck until he’s dead, see how he enjoys it. Dish it out the exact same way he was dishing. Now as the nation collapses from inside out, and shortages of everything becomes evident, and finally mass hunger and starvation becomes rampant I predict a WHOLE LOT OF THESE THUGS (not all) PARADING AROUND IN THEIR AUTHORITASS COSTUMES WITH TIN FOIL SHIELDS PINNED OVER THEIR LEFT TITS, WILL DISCOVER THEY HAVE GIGANTIC BULLSEYES ON THEIR BACKS.

  4. White Scooter Trash

    The people are not smart enough to use the crisis to fight the problem. Instead they break windows and set fires to steal GMO food and stupid worthless shit.

    This is a prime example of why the only solution there is to this problem is you and your gun. The murder of this black man will create more racial tension between black and white.

    Both black and white need to be fighting against the abuse of humanity. I might think your a nigger and you can call me a cracker but we still have to work our way out of this together.


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