Government Documents Strongly Suggest That Food Will Be Used As a Weapon to Enforce Vaccine Compliance

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A scenario is shaping up in which food is going to be used as a weapon to enforce the coming mandatory vaccines.

I have cautioned my readers and listeners to not trust Fauci as he stated that the lockdowns had to come to an end. The Democratic mayors and governors show no intention of relenting until the following is achieved:

1. The defeat of President Trump in the 2020 election by getting the bulk of voters to blame Trump for their personal economic downturn.

2. Americans will effectively stay locked down until the Gates vaccine is ready, with all that this implies.

3. The lockdown will remain in effect until such time as the coup against the Republic, perpeterated by the Democratic Party leadership on behalf of the Deep State is complete. When we look at the actions of the Democratic leadership, their actions resemble the behavior of the “Reds” during the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent evisceration of all civil liberties. Right now, it may appear that America is moving froward from stage one but that it is not true. No doubt, Fauci and Gates saw a small awakening in the American people, who are weary of the lockdown, and the two despots wanted to avoid a populist uprising. So, Fauci issued a mea culpa on Fox News’ website, in which he said the lockdowns must end because they were counterproductive. However, the lockdowns have not ended, we have merely traded a one set of unconstitutional restrictions for another. For example, Trump issued a meaningless order that churches can reopen. However, states are still imposing ridiculous restrictions on this right which makes it nearly impossible for churches to function as they normally would. For example, in some states, services are limited to 60 minutes, like the virus is showing up in the 61st minute to infect everyone. The rules of the lockdown, for many have changed, but make not mistake about it, this country is still under lockdown.

It is presumed that seven months from now, the hurried vaccine will be ready. Local and Federal governments are prepared, as evidenced by existing administrative law and executive orders, that the government is prepared to use food as a weapon in order to enforce compliance with regard to accepting mandatory vaccines. Let’s take a look at the control of food at the local and federal level.

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4 Responses to “Government Documents Strongly Suggest That Food Will Be Used As a Weapon to Enforce Vaccine Compliance”

  1. SF Mo

    Don’t bring a hotdog to a gunfight.

  2. War Profit

    They are gonna need the military to back up their vaccine play. Most everyone I know will not comply. Forced medical tyranny, will make the civil war bloodshed look minuscule.

  3. Banjo Guy

    I think there is a lot of hostility regarding mandatory vacs. I suspect the govt won’t risk this much rebellion. But if the issue is for ed the patriots need to rise up…. like the recent 2A event in Virginia.

  4. laura ann

    People who are informed cannot trust even Trump and will avoid voting ongoing, since this country is now in the ashes of history.


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