China Committed an Act of War…”China, having succeeded with the premiere of COVID-19, is already planning COVID-20 — coming soon to a civilized nation near you.”

Thursday, April 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

By William L. Gensert
April 30, 2020

Xi and the CCP thugs running China committed a deliberate act of war the moment they banned air travel from Wuhan to all other Chinese cities while allowing international flights to proceed unmolested to the far corners of the globe. They did this despite knowing those flights out of China comprised desperate souls escaping a homegrown pandemic and a communist regime willing to let them die to save face. It was an artificial diaspora intended to seed humanity with the Xi Plague.

It has been shown that ChiVid-19 came from a “wolf” bat, a particular type of bat not sold in the Wuhan “wet” market located mere feet from China’s only level 4 research lab — a lab that, coincidentally, was studying various strains of coronavirus.

Did China deliberately unleash COVID-19? I doubt it. Hanlon’s Razor dictates that one should never put off to malice what can be explained more easily by incompetence. No, COVID-19 is not a deliberately created biological weapon. While the infectious nature is perfect, its kill rate is minimal, rendering it marginal as a weapon of war. The actual weapons being worked on in China’s labs are likely much more deadly.

The WuFlu was a viral study gone awry — an accident that escaped the lab because although China is a first-world manufacturer, it is a third-world country with a per capita income not much greater than Botswana’s. China is a nation where tens of millions of people still live in caves and half the population still does not have indoor plumbing or toilets.

Once the virus was out, China had a choice. It could seal the borders to protect humanity and fight to halt its progression in China, which would mean that China alone would bear the brutal economic costs. It did shut down much of its economy for a month while it isolated the disease and learned from it. Or it could remain silent and share with innocents the world over the misery it had created.

For most people not living in a mercantilist, authoritative dictatorship, it would be an easy decision. Few civilized human beings would choose to make millions pay for their own mistakes, much less seek a means to not only make others suffer, but to profit from their suffering.

China needed time. With the first case in the city of Wuhan on November 17, the country used the ensuing six weeks to learn exactly what it had and how it could be turned to China’s advantage. China kept mum long enough to acquire sufficient knowledge to understand the parameters of the pandemic.

What the Chinese discovered in that time is exactly what we in the West had discovered during the previous six weeks. Although ignored by the Dem-left-media cabal, the virus presents as extremely contagious, while, for the vast majority of those afflicted, it exhibits asymptomatically and results in a kill ratio between 1 and 3 out of every 10,000 infected. Those deaths almost entirely comprise people over 65 and suffering from other morbidities, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and poor lifestyle choices.

Opportunity Knocks

Pretend you are Xi. You have used the years since you rose to power to consolidate and eliminate rivals and enemies. You have become the “capo di tutti capi” of the mafia-like CCP. But it is not all lollipops and rainbows, especially since America elected a new president not terrified of his own shadow and willing to see China for what it is and act accordingly. Your economy has suffered under Trump and his insistence that China play fair, keep its word, and not cheat on every deal and promise it makes.

Your scientists tell you the Wuhan Flu is a pandemic candidate that infects many but kills few. As an added benefit for a nation soon to have the oldest population on Earth, it kills primarily the old and infirm. Bingo! Who’s better than you? Your country is suffering dramatically from an aggressive American president who called you on your game and acted on your thievery, unfair trade practices, and all around “China wins, and everyone else loses” attitude.

You could take the hit, bear the additional damage the WuFlu will do to an already suffering economy at the hands of the American dogs in addition to the effect it would have on your — some say — precarious hold on total power. Or you could share your baleful bounty with the rest of the world, knowing that you alone understand what other nations do not. There is a good chance that if you keep your mouth shut, throw your propaganda apparatus into overdrive with meaningless diversions (the virus originated in America, a benevolent China bought the world crucial time), and continue to reward American politicians and media figures, America can be convinced to overreact and commit economic suicide, leaving China the last man standing.

As a bonus, you could use the interregnum to corner the market on PPE (personal protective equipment), while seizing foreign-owned factories producing the medical supplies that countries suffering from your pandemic will need, and then sell to them those same supplies at exorbitant prices — all while portraying China as graciously generous in supplying supplies at triple the price to countries suffering from your plague.

And if the pandemic comes back to China, which it surely will (the “what goes around comes around” thing), it can be useful in fixing the demographic catastrophe headed your way. Eliminate the nonproductive aged, and China will never have to worry about being old before it is rich.

To recap, Xi, and the CCP, helped make a local error into a worldwide pandemic and then kept quiet about how little danger the virus created to productive nations, knowing that people who are allowed to think would let their imaginations run wild, resulting in actions that would destroy their economies — allowing you to make a buck while becoming more powerful.

It is the often heard but rarely experienced win-win-win situation.

Xi talks often about the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” “Rejuvenation,” to Xi, means nothing like what we who speak English mean by it. To Xi, it means control. To Xi, it means supremacy. It means that the world surrenders to China’s rightful position as the premier nation here on Earth under the guiding hand of Xi’s “Mandate from Heaven,” over tianxia — over “everything beneath heaven.”

Just as blockbuster movies have sequels, China, having succeeded with the premiere of COVID-19, is already planning COVID-20 — coming soon to a civilized nation near you.

One Response to “China Committed an Act of War…”China, having succeeded with the premiere of COVID-19, is already planning COVID-20 — coming soon to a civilized nation near you.””

  1. Ou Si (區司)/Turkmänijïv

    This article is pure China Bashing thrugh A LABORATORY-BRED CROSSING OF TWO VIRAL STRAINS: “Red scare viri” and “Yellow Threat viri” whilst sophisticating this poisonous brew with a small dosage of war-mongering insecticide instinct. Sort of like putting wormwood into the cassis or ouzo so’s too make it more virtuos — sorry: virulent.
    The Mainland Chinese one-party system is a notch more democratic than the US two-party oligopoly. Chritisism and complaints and protests are everyday phenomenae in the Chinese press, on their internet and on the streets of Chinese cities — not clubbed or gunned down like in the US of North A. If local ruling elites donot respond, the protesters will ask those higher up to investigate — and they very often do, just as when the cover-uppers in Wŭhàn City got demoted after just a week or two.


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