Bill Gates says we can REDUCE the world’s population with vaccines, but aren’t they supposed to PREVENT disease and death?

Thursday, April 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Thursday, April 30, 2020

Are we in the middle of a pandemic or “planned-demic?” The answer is more than likely a planned pandemic that accomplishes four major goals for the insane Left and the globalists, including Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, the Clintons, and of course, Barack Hussein Obama II.

Agenda goal one: Decimate the booming economy Trump built over the past three years. Accomplished. Agenda goal two: Eliminate all U.S. citizen rights that are afforded in the Constitution using fear-based propaganda. Nearly accomplished. Agenda goal three: Kill off the weak, the elderly, and new-born babies using bio-warfare and sick, twisted legislation, like 3rd trimester and day-of-birth abortions. Accomplished. Agenda goal four: Convince the world that everyone needs a new schedule of vaccines that include microchips for tracking, medication and mind-control. Done.

Nearly every American on the Left spews the same illogical response when they hear Bill Gates speak, from his own TED conference, about using new vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive services to reduce the world’s population by billions of people: “That’s taken out of context.” They’ll tell you that’s just 5 minutes out of an hour long talk, but it’s not out of context, in fact, Bill Gates means exactly what he said.

Plus, he didn’t say it into a hot mic, or in a casual conversation to business cohorts, but rather he scripted it out, planned it all, and spoke at a conference where he projected charts and graphs to prove his points.

How do you use new vaccines to reduce the world’s population by billions of people? Bill “Eugenics” Gates shows you exactly how

By infiltrating third world countries as a so-called philanthropist, this mega-rich tall white dude has scientists put sterilization chemicals in vaccines for Africans, and paralyzing chemicals in polio vaccines (nasal spray) for the children of India. By pushing influenza vaccines that contain high doses of mercury (listed as thimerosal on the vaccine inserts), Americans get injected with deadly ‘disinfectants’ and heavy metal toxins that make them so sick and stupid they believe Bill Gates means well.

If you get a vaccine with a microchip in it, you could be medicated by the government at any given time, even overdosed on purpose. If you get a vaccine with a microchip in it, you can be tracked at any time, even without a smart device in your hand or pocket. If you get a vaccine with a microchip in it, you are under Nazi control, it just has a new name. When you get vaccinated with genetically modified viruses, you are the carrier and the spreader of disease, not the opposite.

Vaccines are used to maim babies, sterilize minority women, and spread disease for depopulation

Bill Gates said it himself. He is using new vaccines to kill people, especially minorities in third world countries. He says they’re better off not reproducing, and that it’s in their own best interest, since they can barely afford to feed themselves.

So, during this COVID lockdown, if you should run out of money, should Bill Gates send hit-men to come exterminate your kids, since they’re just a “hindrance” on the economy? Hey, it will be for the “greater good,” don’t you know? Has anyone else noticed that the word “pandemic” is just “Dem” (for Democrat) surrounded by “Panic?”

Now watch for yourself as Bill Gates tells rich, white people how to eliminate minorities all across the globe using vaccines and abortions, in so many words:

Tune your internet dial to and find out how it’s actually vaccines that will spread the diseases that the globalists are using to reduce the world’s population by billions while removing all of their God-given rights. Health enthusiasts aren’t “anti-vaccine,” we’re just anti-stupidity. Did you know that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos just saw their wealth increase by $280 billion in just the last month during the COVID outbreak? If you think this is all just a conspiracy theory, then YOU are actually the conspiracy theorist. Deal with it.

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