Trump Fiddles While the COVID-19 Team Destroys America and Threatens the Lives of Every Citizen

Thursday, April 23, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Thursday, April 23, 2020

The purpose of this article is to establish the parameters for world’s greatest and approaching genocide. The Bible tells us tha 75% of the planet will perish and all of would disappear if it were not for the return o of Jesus.

About three weeks ago, I began to construct a crime board, like the ones we see in the movies. This is where the detectives place all the known facts on board and start to connect the dots regarding a crime, usually a homicide.

It is important to consider two angles from which to analyze homicides. When a detective arrives on the scene, if the crime scene is messy, the detective generally assumes that the murder was a crime of passion (ie spontaneous violence). So, then the attention of the detective goes to love triangles, marital infidelity, child custody, etc. If the crime scene is neat and tidy, the assumption is the opposite in that the crime is assumed to have been well-planned and executed like a military operation and financial interests such as life insurance policies and financial trusts are examined as a possible motive.

I have a question for you America, what does the current crime scene look like to you? If you are not sure, let’s look at the most telling statistic. The economy of the United States lies in ruins. It could not be any worse for our economy than if our enemies had bombed every major city in America. The precision of the theatrics of the COVID-19 team could not have been anymore well orchestrated. And add to that, a popular President has been completely compromised. Oh, you say you don’t agree that Trump is compromised. I say to those that hold the belief that Trump is still in charge and is defiant to the Deep State, the following:

1.How does the President put his name on a document that is counting “flu-like” symptoms and pneumonia as numbers to be ADDED ON TO THE CV-19 NUMBERS? This is patently dishonest and is clearly designed to keep America in lockdown (at least until the election) in order foment a regime change (more on that point later). Meanwhile, everything you have worked for is, or will soon be, gone! Again, the President WAS not on your side and is supporting this principle.

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One Response to “Trump Fiddles While the COVID-19 Team Destroys America and Threatens the Lives of Every Citizen”

  1. War Profit

    Fiddles ?
    More like stands by, while 10 years of economic job growth is erased.
    This entire shit-show, is about forced vaccination,and most likely some sort of nano-micro implant within the shot.
    They have destroyed jobs, wealth,liberty, and Maga Trump has watched quietly.
    The evidence is out there for all eyes to see, Gates and the globalist agenda is clear.


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