America Has Entered the Preliminary Stages of Genocide Which Involves the Consolidation of Tyranny That Will Unleash the Deadliest Reign of Terror In History

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This is the fifth part of a six part series where Americans will be living a part of history that nobody would ever have thought possible only a few short months ago. All the signs are there, all the chess pieces are lining up. America is entering the zone of genocide and this is precisely what will be covered in the last two parts of this six part series.

The Rapid Fall of America Came With Barely a Whimper

In less than three months, the United States went from a record low, peace-time unemployment rate, a record stock market performance and a record level of public confidence in the economy, as well as high poll ratings for the President in an election year, to a thoroughly defeated nation.

Minus the use of nuclear and/or EMP weapons upon the United States, it would be hard to imagine a more complete and devastating blow to the people of the United States. Harry Dent says that if America went back to work immediately, America would not be anywhere near where we were for at least 6-8 years. America is a thoroughly defeated nation. To myself and many other experienced journalists, we sense that this is the end of America. America and her cohort nations in the G20 have been defeated to a point, where in order to escape the economic devastation that has come to the world, a New World Order government and economic system (ie the Mark of the Beast) will be forced upon the people of the United States

The leadership fo the Democratic Party has always been in the hip pocket of the United Nations and their soon-to-be instrument of oppression, the CHICOMS.

For years I have been writing about the last phase of American takeover would be two-fold: (1) A “Tet Offensive of terrorism of embedded terrorists and cartels in our country and a nearly Red Dawn invasion of an already weakened nation; and, (2) the occupation of the United Nations by the world policeman, the blue helmets of the United Nations. There has now emerged a third possibility that will deliver a knock out punch to America, and that is a Phase Two, this fall, consisting a new and much more deadly strain of the virus. This will permanently end America’s efforts to regain any sense of normalcy and lear to a permanent state of lockdown and all the Continuity of Government acts will be unleashed against the American people while we are all under lock and key. It does not take psychic to predict that this is the beginning of the scourge that will depopulate and bring a violent end to the vast majority, nearly 90% of all Americans.

While the “purge” is going on, a new government will be introduced. What form will it take and will it be a prelude to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany? The answer is an emphatic yes. I have publicly discussed the following in the past year. However, in the present context, it is clear to see what our new government will consist of. The outline for this government, essentially run by the United Nations, has been hiding in plain sight.

HR 1111

In the midst of the new and manufactured Coronavirus crisis, there has been a twice sponsored Democratic bill that has been lying in state, in the halls of the House of Representatives. Under the present crisis it is likely that we will have a new regime change. After all, didn’t Trump recently say “it has been my honor to HAVE BEEN your President? The words of the WHO, no not the World Health Organization, I am talking about the rock group the WHO from the 60’s and 70’s when they said, “there will be fighting at my feet, with my children at my feet….I tip my hat to the new Constitution….. We won’t be fooled again.” Regime change us upon us!

The following is the final push to permanently change the political structure of the United States. As I have proclaimed many times in the past, a critically ill America, literally, will provide the justification for the United Nations to enact the Kigali Principles that Obama signed us on to in December of 2016, right before he left power. The US can expect to see, the presence of a 28 nation military force on American soil.The CHICOMS will spearhead the force of blue helmets. Dissidents will be purged and I will cover this in the next part of this series.

The framework for this new governmental structure is indeed hiding in plain sight and it is called HR 1111 and it is sponsored by extremist Democratic operative, Sheila Jackson Lee and 43 other Democratic Party traitors to this country. If you are unaware of the content of this bill, lying in place waiting to be acted upon, you will be shocked to your core. This is worse than the Bolshevik Revolution.

Tip Your Hat to the New Constitution

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