Stop hoarding! You’re interfering with the government’s hoarding.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Monday, April 06, 2020

The US government is really angry at China for downplaying the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, enabling China to hoard medical supplies before anybody else figured out what was happening.

The reason the US government is angry about all this is because China’s actions prevented the US government from having enough time to downplay the severity of the coronavirus outbreak to the American public so that government agencies could hoard medical supplies for themselves before the American public figured out what was happening.

Stop hoarding! The government needs to hoard first.

The government has a problem with SUPP-LIES, it turns out. They’ve got not enough SUPP and way too many LIES. So they’re trying to UP the SUPP by telling you LIES — damn lies — about why you don’t need the stuff they need.

When you stockpile supplies, it’s “hoarding.” When the government stockpiles supplies, it’s a “National strategic stockpile for emergency deployment.”

Remember the old, “Stop buying medical masks!” advice from the US Surgeon General? Or how about the CDC claiming, until just a few days ago, that masks were pointless and didn’t stop the virus from spreading? The CDC is now admitting that Americans might perhaps benefit from “cloth masks,” but don’t you dare buy medical masks, since those should be reserved for government hoarding. And just in case the government can’t buy all the masks they want, no worries: They can steal them from you under new “anti-hoarding” laws which of course never apply to the government itself.

The US government never really wanted honesty from China, you see. They just wanted to be in on the deception so they could have a head start vs. the people of America, since nobody in charge anywhere in America — not even those who run the hospitals — apparently had any emergency supply of anything whatsoever. No ventilators, no masks, no biohazard gowns and no clue. So now the government remains in competition with the American public in a mad dash for health gear.

Thank God President Trump assured us America was the “most prepared nation in the world” for a pandemic. That would have been true, of course, if the pandemic were as imaginary as Wall Street risk ratings from the whored-out ratings agencies that deceived an entire nation with bogus risk ratings that have since puked all over the place. (Thank God I got out of the stock market in 2008 and stayed out.)

If you believe a publicly-traded company that has no profits, no real assets, no cash and no real output is worth billions of dollars, then you need to go back to college and study “Economics 101.”

We are all being thrown to the wolves while the government and the financial elite save themselves

The people are going to be thrown to the wolves no matter what. We aren’t part of the Continuity of Government (CoG) planning in the first place. The people are only needed for the next election, after all, which is why the helicopter money bailout checks are only going to last a few months… just long enough to convince you to vote for the same corrupt, criminal system that told you the market would never go down, real estate would never lose value and the dollar would always hold its value. (Excuse me while I gag myself with a spoon…)

And here I thought bribing people to vote was a felony crime. Turns out it isn’t as long as the bribery is carried out on a sufficiently large scale.

If you bribe one person, it’s a crime. But if you bribe the entire electorate, it’s a “bailout.”

Cash your bailout money checks, America. You’ll need it because the looting of the American worker has only just begun. By the time the Treasury and the Federal Reserve is done turning you upside down and shaking every last nickel out of your dusty pockets, you’ll wish for the “good ole’ days” when annual price inflation was only 6% instead of 600%. And you’ll spend every dollar you manage to get your hands on — see if you can catch more helicopter money as it’s being catapulted across the skies — because that dollar will lose value so quickly that tomorrow it won’t even be worth owning.

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