We can END the lockdowns and HALT the pandemic right now: FOUR simple steps to economic and health freedom

Saturday, April 4, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Saturday, April 04, 2020

Although lockdowns are working to stop the spread of the virus, we now have enough knowledge to end the lockdowns, halt the pandemic and get our world back to work.

It can be accomplished with four simple things that are available right now. No, the world doesn’t have to wait for a vaccine that may or may not work. We don’t have to remain prisoners in our homes and apartments, on and off for the next year, waiting for Big Pharma to turn us into vaccine sheeple with mandatory vaccine tracking and medical tyranny. (That’s the Dr. Anthony Fauci plan, which is now being called “national suicide.”)

Here’s the simple solution:

1) Everybody needs to wear a mask.

2) Everybody needs to take zinc + vitamin D.

3) Hydroxychloroquine must be made widely available to treat serious patients.

4) The government must start testing asymptomatic people to identify stealth carriers.

We need a national program right now to manufacture and distribute zinc supplements at no charge to the entire population. We need large-scale, “war time” production of masks and testing kits. And we need public education programs that reverse the idiotic advice of government officials who told Americans to “stop buying masks!” and other similar nonsense.

Most importantly, we need to end the Big Pharma stranglehold over America, because it’s Big Pharma that’s pushing the censorship of truthful knowledge about zinc, vitamin D and natural cures. Big Pharma controls the media, the medical schools, lawmakers and even the tech giants. Dr. Fauci is a puppetmaster of Big Pharma, and he represents their interests, not the interests of the American people.

The bottom line? If we continue to allow Big Pharma to control all information about public health, potentially millions will die and our economy will collapse from the repeated lockdowns. Big Pharma will destroy America just to push their monopolistic control over public health, and they absolutely do not want zinc, vitamin D or even off-patent, cheap drugs like hydroxychloroquine to solve this problem before a vaccine comes along.

Every death that occurs from this coronavirus is a death of ignorance. Millions do not need to die. The economy doesn’t need to collapse. We don’t need to live as prisoners in our own homes, surveiled by a medical police state that answers to Big Pharma and the NIH (Dr. Fauci).

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2 Responses to “We can END the lockdowns and HALT the pandemic right now: FOUR simple steps to economic and health freedom”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    I disagree with # 1 and # 4, AND you forgot Trump needs to :

    5. Stop chem trailing

    6. Stop 5 G

    7. Coordinate a national day & hour of prayer, for say … 1 week from now.

    Keep up the good work though and get a FULL spectrum of intel :


  2. From the information I’ve seen, the so-called “tests” are one of the major lies keeping this plandemic going. They cannot test for “COvertID-19” … it is all a lie. They are simply testing for ANY coronaviruses, which apparently most of us have in us anyway, and then raising their false numbers (and fears) accordingly.

    See Jon Rappoport at nomorefakenews.com for more information.

    The Bible says the only way OUT of this mess is through the escape hatch provided by Jesus Christ. The vast majority of Christians are not saved at all; they just think they are, just as Jesus and the other NT writers said would happen. And so it is. Click my name for a full teaching (PDF) on the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Prove it wrong if you can. I didn’t write it. I am just a messenger. The only WAY the Lord brought us is strait and narrow (look up those words in the Greek). “Sinner’s prayers” and “just believe” are NOT in the Bible. Dead faith does not save. Obedience to the commandments of Jesus Christ are never “works.” Enter ye in…


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